Yay, Aunty May, GlobalTestMarket.com Do Pay!

img credit: Chaparral [Kendra]

…know how I know? (‘cos I just know that’s what you’re asking. You see, I’m psychic like that. Uh-huh. Yeah, baby – some people stare into crystal balls and tea leaves. I stare into mangoes).

I’ve been with GlobalTestMarket for yonks – since Yoda was baby Yoda, actually. Years before Darth Vader got asthma.

Quick recap about the program:

– it’s a site that pays you to complete surveys
– you get points for each completed survey
– once you reach 1000 points ($50), you can request a cheque

(CLICK HERE for a review about GlobalTestMarket.)

I reached payout around Sept 20th and requested a cheque. If you live in the US, it takes 4-6 weeks to reach you and 6-8 weeks if you don’t. So I more or less forgot about it once I’d requested payout.

Well, walliuknow, I got my cheque (£28.03) yesterday! (So it’s either I live in the US and don’t frikkin realise it, or GlobalTestMarket are super-duper efficient.)

Proof of Payment…

My digital camera’s broken or else I would have taken a picture of the cheque and put it up pronto. However, the next best thing: I bought a disposable one yesterday. Still got quite a few exposures left, but once it’s used up and developed, will post up a pic of the cheque.

Until next time, people…



  1. Ajith Prasad Edassery

    Congrats on the cheque (check)! So surveys are clicking for you… what about surveysavvy? Is the a/c moving up there 🙂

    I am out of surveys and content creation due to lack of time 🙁 However, I got some paid review (on my own blog) requests that I am trying to look into.

    How’s your new job?

    Cheers, Ajith

  2. 2ThePoint

    Hey, Barbara!

    Thank you! I would very happily contribute the air in my ass to ‘the cause’ if there was money in it – maybe for scientific or environmental research or something.

    One can but dream. 😉

    take care…

  3. 2ThePoint

    Hey there, Ajith!

    How are you?

    Yep, GlobalTestMarket seems to be the real deal alright — at least for me, anyway.

    I ain’t really feeling SurveySavvy, you know. Nothing wrong with them per se, but you have to complete these profiles so that they can determine which surveys to send you. There are quite a few of those to fill in and for some reason, everytime I log in to complete them, I just get tired and log right back out again.

    I will get round to it eventually – don’t know when – but eventually.

    Congrats on the paid reviews!

    My new job…is going ok. It’s now 3 days a week, which is as much as I think I have the tolerance for. Nothing wrong with the job or the people, but I’m done with anything that ain’t freelance.

    Have a great week, you.

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