Work-Online: Important Update – I Kinda Saw It Coming Though…

I’ve found Work-Online relatively easy to use (it’s a paid story-writing site for those who haven’t read my previous review on it). Writing the stories tends to get my mind going for the day ahead and it also helps give my mind a breather when I need it. In that context, and with the little extra money I’ve been making from it, it’s been good to me.

However, in the back of my mind, I did wonder how, with the site becoming ever more popular and more people joining everyday, how it would be able to sustain itself.

And I guess, today, my thoughts have been answered in the form of an email they sent out.

From August 14th, Work-Online plans on implementing some changes. The changes are as follows:

a) New pay scale

Whereas the pay used to be…

£0.50 per story for the first 100 stories
£0.75 per story for the next 101-200 stories and
£1.00 per story for every story thereafter

From Aug 14th, the pay will be…

£0.25 per story for the first 100 stories
£0.50 per story for the next 101-300 stories
£0.75 per story for the following 301-500 stories and
£1.00 per story for every story thereafter

b) Word increase

The minimum word count requirement will go up from 350 to 400 words.

c) Keyword requirement

The amount of keywords required will go down to 7 (from the usual 10)

Those are pretty significant changes, but I guess they’re changes Work-Online feels it needs to make in order to stay afloat. However, with the limping global economy and more people wanting to make more money online now more than ever, I’m surprised Work-Online didn’t anticipate just how sharply the site’s popularity would rise. I congratulate the site on its overriding success, but I, for one, plan on moving on once I reach payout. Even though I enjoyed writing the stories as it did a lot for the playground in my brain, the pay wasn’t really that great to start with. And now, with the upcoming changes, in my view, it’s just not worth it.

I don’t begrudge Work-Online – I appreciate the opportunity I’ve had to earn a bit of change on there. However, a combination of the pay decrease and the increased word count has meant that this ‘bit of change’ has become a bit too ‘bitty’ for it to be worth my time.

Shame, really. I quite liked the site.


  1. Virtual Image

    Yes something was definitely up…

    I got paid and I feel relieved. We’ll keep it up a bit longer, especially for my daughter (its easy earning for her). As for me I will have to find other jobs.

    Thanks for keepin us so well updated. Have a really great week!

  2. ebele

    Hi, hun…

    I’m glad you got paid. I knew you would (in time0.

    If I find any writing jobs, will pass it on.

    You have a lovely week too.

    take care…

  3. Make Money Online Free

    Sorry to hear about the changes on that site. It always sucks when a site makes it a bit harder for us to earn.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and yes IM Report card is amazing! I just actually got paid AGAIN .. will post about it tomorrow. And I’m close to cashout again! When I do that’ll be about $60 in just a couple of weeks since I joined. This is really going to boost my online earnings this month!

    I’m so happy I signed up there.

    – TriNi

  4. ebele

    Hi TriNi,

    Re: Work-Online – I guess it’s the nature of the beast. Quite a few sites have gone down that road, unfortunately.

    IMRC – so far, so good. I’m taking my time. Glad it’s working out great for you!

    take care…

  5. Caerol

    I’ve checked the site just now and guess what this message appeared: “The address could not be found.”

    I have a suspicion early this year about this when they claimed that changes will ensue; thus topics were temporary froze.

    Unfortunately, I’ve got 3 accepted stories which wasn’t compensated. I just have to move on and accept this as one of online earning disadvantages: you’ll never know till how long they’ll be in business. They could be gone tomorrow.

  6. ebele

    Hi Caerol,

    Their site is still up. I made a bit of a boo-boo and typed in the address wrong. That dash just before ‘work’ isn’t meant to be there. Sorry.

    Once they changed their pay structure, I quickly moved on. They have something in the works but God knows what it is. It’s left to be seen if (and how) it’ll benefit its members.

    I’m sorry they held on to your stories. I think that maybe they could consider an exception the minimum payout rule and payout to members who wanna move on. Don’t think it’s likely to happen though.

    And, yes, online businesses come and go. It’s the nature of the beast. The internet has its financial advantages as well as its unpredictabilities. Best thing is to diversity where you earn online and/or set up your own thing.

    Thanks for leaving a comment. Hope you have a great March.

    Take care…

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