Wooohooo, I’ve Just Won Another £15.00 on Triviala.com!

(Read my review about Triviala: HERE)

I’m not usually one to win stuff. I hardly do the lottery and I don’t really do competitions.

But Triviala’s starting to prove me wrong! I won £15 on there last month and now another £15?

[click image for larger version]

triviala win

Y to the A to the Y – Yay!

That’ll make it a total £60 won so far this year (£15 x 4 wins).

Proof of payment: exhibits 1, 2 and 3, your honour…

[click images for larger versions]




  1. ebele

    Hi Marcos 🙂

    There’s no secret formula. I just play some of the trivia games frequently (sometimes daily, sometimes a couple times a week) and hope to win a cash prize sooner or later.

    That’s it.

  2. TriNi

    Tried signing up but got the following error message.

    “Sorry, but Triviala is not available in following US states: Arizona, Florida, New York, Rhode Island. If you think this is a mistake and you dont live in one of these states please contact support.”

    How rude! lol.

  3. ebele

    Sorry you couldn’t join, hun. Hmm, I wonder why it’s not available in those states? I’m thinking there might be a legal reason.

    Were you given a reason?

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