Wilomena WordPress vs Betsy Blogspot…

This blog has its own domain name, but it’s hosted on a Blogspot blog.

I could move it to a WordPress blog as the host I’m with has the facility to do that.

However, as much as I’ve heard bloggers rave on about WordPress, I’ve been rather reluctant to move platforms.

a) because I really like the design I’ve got going on. I know WordPress has a plethora of themes…but I really like this one, and I guess if it ain’t broke…

b) I’ve heard a lot about WP’s vulnerabilities (‘cos it’s essentially a database).

c) I’ve heard that moving from a Blogspot blog to a WordPress blog can be a pain (and is much easier moving to another country).   I ain’t ready for the aggro, y’all.

(p.s.: ahem, the country moving bit is an exaggeration lovingly created by yours truly)

(Yeah, yeah, I know life’s about taking risks & I should just move it the hell over to WP – so, erm, why don’t you ‘take a risk’ and LEND ME A MILLION DOLLARS.     I didn’t think so).

I might change my mind in the near future, but for now, this blog’s staying where it’s at.



  1. Ajith Prasad Edassery

    Hmm… I am a wordpress fan after trying out couple of blogger blogs in the past 🙂 I hate blogger for not having support for categories etc. Another thing is this comment box into which I am typing in…regardless of whether you host your blog in a domain or not, it takes me to the blogger default comment page…

    (There’s a work around as well – never tried though. Read: http://www.jackbook.com/blogger-hack-blogspot-hack-blogger-templates-customizing/how-to-make-readers-leave-comment)

    Another thing, hosting on a domain will still not work completely with blogger, I think, unless you make each post point to the domain?


  2. 2ThePoint

    Hi Ajith!

    How are things?

    Valid points. I hear you.

    I’m testing out the WP ropes at the mo’ with a couple of new blogs I set up on there. I guess when I get used to those, then I won’t be as apprehensive about moving platforms. Like I said, I do like my current design, so even if I was super-duper confident about moving, I’d wait a while.

    take care and thanks for dropping by.

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