Why I stopped doing paid posts before I even started…

pic by: CarbonNYC

– the topics were boring
– the topics were boring
– the topics were boring

Credit cards, casinos, Forex, yawn. Why can’t we get paid to write about chocolate, ice cream, sex? Give me something interesting to sink my teeth into. I think the most interesting post I did was about goth dating – now THAT was really cool – I enjoyed that.

For some paid-to-post companies, the posts you write are meant to stay on your blog, like, until you die (cue Smorty).

I’m not good at pretending I like something. Every time I do that, I grow more teeth – in different shades of yellow. Too much teeth than my mouth can handle? – not good.

I don’t give that much of a frikkity f*ck about PR, but Google were getting a tad overzealous with their PR wands – and Payperpost were getting overzealous with their Izea Ranking. I felt like a frikkin chihuahua caught up in a bitter high-profile divorce case. (someone save my paws, I have an identity crisis).

I didn’t like the dependency I was developing on paid posts.

I found another way to make money, found it more empowering – freelance writing.

Now, I ain’t against anyone that does paid posting. Momma loves you nonetheless. It just wasn’t for me. If the topics change, stuff that I’m interested in – then (maybe) we can talk.

But until then…


  1. Alex

    I wrote some paid posts and then forgot about it, like you do I really don’t like the topics that you can write about. BTW can you let me know your rates for article writing ?

  2. 2ThePoint

    Hi Rick 🙂

    Well, if I hadn’t tried out paid posts, I wouldn’t have come to the conclusion I had, so I’m glad I tried it out. Good luck trying it out for yourself – some people have done really well with it – check out bloggernoob.com & bloggrrl.com to see what I mean.

    The post I did on goth dating was on a different old blog of mine.

    Welcome to the blog world! 🙂


    Hi Alex!

    Yeah, quite a few of the topics are b-o-o-ring. Some of the higher paid opps look(ed) a bit more interesting though.

    Re: article writing – I started off charging $0.02 a word, but I now charge $0.035/word (with the view of increasing it in the medium term). Whatever you do, don’t go for the $0.01/word ones.

    take care, you two – thanks for passing by.


  3. Rachel

    I have started doing freelance writing myself. I still find that the paid blogposts are paying a lot more so I do both and cash in both ways!

  4. Anonymous

    So what freelance site is your fave? I found it difficult on guru.com to get projects as I don’t have this huge writer’s resume and Helium was just too sweatshoppish. What’s a good middle ground to get started and PAID on freelance.

  5. ebele

    Hi Anon,

    I don’t have a favourite freelance site. In fact, nowadays, I hardly visit any apart from Digital Point forums from time to time. That’s where I got most of my writing gigs and where I first got started.

    One freelance site I think might be worth looking at is PeoplePerHour.com. Looks interesting. The rates also look respectable.

    You might also want to look at Bianca Raven’s blog – she writes and has a lot of freelance info on her blog: http://ravens-writing.blogspot.com/.

    Good luck.

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