Whoppeedeedoodaafrikkinyay, I finally reached payout on GlobalTestMarket!

img credit: lepiaf.geo

About time too.

I only had about 20 points to go, but for some reason, I hadn’t been sent a survey from them for what seemed like weeks. So I hopped on over to GlobalTestMarket today, logged on and whatdoyouknow, there were about 4 surveys sitting there waiting to be done.

The thing is I usually receive email notification of new surveys but for some reason I hadn’t.

Anyway, I didn’t qualify for any of the four surveys, but because you get 5 points even if you don’t qualify, it added up and I’ve now reached 1000 points ($50)! I couldn’t have pressed the frikkin payout button fast enough, I tell ya.


Cheque takes 6-8 weeks to arrive for non-US residents, but the last payout I got took just over 4 weeks so you never know. In any case, once I receive it, I’m still standing by my decision to do some survey spring-cleaning and cut GlobalTestMarket loose. It’s served its purpose – I’m grateful, but it’s not for me anymore. I only wanna stick with a couple of survey sites – no more than 3 – Pinecone Research is definitely one of the few I intend to keep.



  1. I need money

    Congrats on your check! Just curious, what’s the reason you aren’t going to stay with GlobalTestMarket?

    Me personally, I’ve been making money with GPT sites, but now I’m thinking about joining a few survey sites.

  2. ebele


    Thanks 🙂

    I decided not to continue with GTM because, with my profile, it takes ages to reach payout. The first payout took me 6 months or so to reach, while the 2nd payout took 9 months. Whereas that would have been ok with me before, it’s not anymore and I’ve chosen to move on from it. I no longer have that type of patience for that type of situation.

    Nothing wrong with GTM in itself, though – some people reach payout quicker than others.

    It’s great GPT sites are working for you (especially Cashcrate).

    take care and thanks for passing by.

  3. Ajith Edassery

    Did you get the cheque ebele? Though I am out of surveys, I had registered with it sometime back. They sent me a survey that I could not complete (it was about a purchase that I didn’t want to make)..

  4. Evelyn

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  5. ebele

    Hi Evelyn,

    Thanks for getting in touch. My email address is on the left hand side of my blog.

    I’ll give your offer some thought and will be in touch if I’m interested.

    take care…

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