What I’ve been up to…

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Wow, where does all the time go?

I know.

Actually, erm, I don’t.

Ok, moving on…

What have I been up to???  Well, apart from scratching my imaginary balls, I’ve been…

Recovering from the poetry workshop I ran at the school…

Near enough killed me. Was bloody hard work, I tell ya. But I got through it (yay, me!). There really wasn’t a lot of room for creative expression as the students had to study the work of other poets and certain techniques used. It can be difficult to get someone to peak underneath the skin of a poem to see the machinery working behind it. Studying the machinery isn’t something I particularly enjoy doing myself so I don’t blame some of the students for not being up for it. However, it was a skill they needed for their exams, so I tried to look for palatable ways to workshop it to them. Wasn’t easy. However, I hope some of them left feeling a bit more confident.

Looks like the cheque for that is winging its way to me next week (early next week, I hope). So it’s not gonna be as frustrating as the last workshop I ran in a school where I waited over 2 months to get my cheque. (memories. painful.)

Job Schmapplication’ing…

I mentioned I was looking for one or two more online writing gigs. High paying.

To that end, I found out about a UK-based company that’s looking for UK and US writers. I had to send my application by email and post. Looks promising. Hope they’re for real. And if they are, hope mama gets it. Pay looks good – up to £75 per article – mmmmm (as in ‘mmmmm, nice pay’ – not ‘mmmmm, I wonder’).

Got 2 new online gigs…

– Do-follow blog commenting: Got this one via the DP forums. I get to comment on any do-follow blog I want for $0.50 a pop (has to be approved though). I don’t have to make it on niche-specific blogs which makes it a lot easier for me. I used to do paid blog commenting a while ago – not much – but it was something I quite enjoyed doing at the time, so I don’t mind getting back to it. I find the comments easy to write as I just respond naturally to them.

– Proofreading/light editing: I got this one through a UK-based company called Delegate2 – they own FreelanceWriters.info. Early days yet, so we’ll see. Pay’s $1 for every 250 words. I do like proofing so I’m glad I have the paid opportunity to do more of it.

Both will make for nice filler-type work.

Erm, so that’s me, people.

And how’s your week been?



  1. Ajith Edassery

    Thanks for the update on the poetry workshop… It really sounded exhausting though now you get to see the cheque.

    And looks like the gigs are back. 0.50 doesn’t sound bad at all. I need to search for that on DP 🙂

    I have been stressed through out last week and didn’t get to blog until today. I will be taking ocassional breaks from the online world to spend more time in the real world.

    (PS: Jade Goody’s demise was a big news all over the idiot box here. TV channels are no less than tabloids these days)

  2. 2ThePoint

    Hi Ajith 🙂

    What happened? – what was the source of your stress?

    And yes, I agree, a break from time to time from the online world is a good thing.

    Jade Goody got the media exposure she wanted, but on the flip side, the coverage on her did get a bit obsessive/disturbing (in my view).

    take care…

  3. Miss Stymie

    The little one was in the intensive care unit with all those attachments such as ventillator. He has severe birth problems that cannot be fixed and he’s not a normal child. Things are slowly going out of our hands and stress is mounting up. Worklife was was not easy either – so you can imagine.

  4. 2ThePoint

    Hi Miss Stymie,

    Really sorry to hear about your little one. Regardless of his disability, he’s a beautiful child. I passed by your blog and left you a comment. Hope things get better for you and your family.

    take care,

  5. 2ThePoint

    Is she, Ajith?! I had no idea.

    I was sorry to read about what you folks have been going through lately, but it’s great that things are picking up health-wise. I hope that continues.

    take care…

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