Wanna Win Some Money, Honey?

Whenever I pay for something with cash and I get some change back, I usually pick out the 1 and 2 pennies (if there are any) and save them in a jar. Sometimes, I pick out 5 penny pieces too. Then, when the jar’s full, I’ll either use it to treat myself or give it to a charity.

This month, I’m giving away all the pennies to one of you guys and gals. It’s not much, but it’s something: £2.99 (equivalent to $4.69).

On Oct 31st, I’ll pick a name at random as the winner.

To gain an entry and be in with a chance of winning the money:

a) you must have a Paypal account

b) you have to join one of the following sites as my referral:

  – Cashle (GPT site. Open to UK, US, Canadian residents only. // Read my Cashle review.)

  – myLot (paid forum-posting community. Open internationally as far as I’m aware. If you join myLot, you must create or participate in two or three discussions there.)

(n.b.: do not join any of the above sites if you’re already a member.)

c) Once you’ve joined, send me the username you used, with the subject “PENNY JAR ENTRY” to:

(remove the brackets. Replace ‘at’ with ‘@’ and ‘dot’ with ‘.’)

That’s it, mon amie! If you’re the winner, I’ll let you know via email on Sunday, Oct 31st. Kapisch?


Good luck 🙂


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