UniqueRewards Pays: Proof of Payment…

UniqueRewards is a GPT site I joined in early September. Now I’m not a huge GPT fan, but I thought since I hadn’t tried this one before, ah what the hell.

(**for anyone that doesn’t know, GPT means ‘get paid to’. You complete a number of tasks such as doing a survey, joining a site, reading an email, and get paid for it.)

I hardly completed offers at UniqueRewards. Most of what I did was read emails and do the daily cash clicks (both pay a cent a pop). Daily cash clicks earned me an average of 8-9 cents a day. I didn’t get that many emails to read, about one every couple of days.

The $20 minimum payout was the highest I’d seen for a GPT site, so it was just as well they offer $5 upon signing up.

I also had a referral which helped me a quarter of the way.

I can now officially say that, yup, UniqueRewards pays!

Took about 3 months to reach payout. However, if I’d completed more offers, my ass probably would have reached it sooner. I hate doing offers though, so I just stuck to clicks and emails.

Proof of Payment…
(click image to view larger size)


Feel free to read my more detailed write-up of UniqueRewards OVER HERE, aight?

Peace outty,


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