Two Articles With Cheese To Go. You Want Extra Fries With That?

img credit: Richard Moross

I did it! I met the deadline! Both articles are now done and dusted. Emailed them off around eight tonight and bought myself a celebratory ice-cream afterwards.

The to-do list I’ve been making everyday has really worked for me and I plan on using it more often. I didn’t stick to it as rigidly yesterday and today as I did on Saturday, but just having a list has helped rein me in somewhat, even if my timing has been out at times by a few hours. Without making and committing to the list, I think I’d probably still be stuck in front of the computer, dog-tired and pissed off with myself for leaving it to the last minute and risking another missed deadline.

I don’t think the list would have worked for me quite as well if I’d written it at any other time of the day. Because it’s the last thing I did before bed, I think that maybe it fed into my subconscious so that when I woke up in the morning, it had been programmed in.

It was really important for me to dive straight into writing the moment I switched my computer on. No checking emails, Adsense, MyBlogLog, etc. Just.Start.Writing. Distractions came, but instead of suppressing them, I let them out to play at controlled times, taking short breaks in-between writing, to check emails and browse the web. However, it was absolutely crucial that I started writing soon as I switched on the computer ‘cos I found that it helped flavour the rest of the day.

Writing each article in sections was useful too – kinda like eating 6 small meals a day instead of 3 main meals. Rather than focus on the whole article and think “oh frikkin shittyohlay, I gotta write all that?”, I focused on one section at a time.

The past couple of days haven’t been particularly easy, but they’ve been a lesson.

2010 starts in about 6 weeks. I ain’t waiting ’til then. Mine started 3 days ago.



  1. ebele

    I’m happy (and relieved) about that, too. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on subsequent deadlines. Wanna move forward.

    Yeah, pretend it was all your idea and call it The Dean Principle or The Saliba Principle 🙂

    Take care!

  2. Ruth - Web Career Girl

    I understand this struggle all too well! I am obsessed with to do lists, sometimes they work perfectly but then I have a bad patch. But one thing I always do is try to get the stuff out of the way in the morning, it really helps me stay motivated. Well done meeting your deadlines!

  3. ebele

    Hi Ruth,


    I’m glad facing it in the morning works for you 🙂

    I’m having a bit of a bad patch myself. However, making the list keeps me aware of what I SHOULD have done and the time I need to put in to make up for any lost time. To some extent (albeit a small one), it’s also affected my enthusiasm/ desire to write articles (in a good way).

    Take care…

  4. ebele

    Hello Sififi 🙂

    Adsense works…and it doesn’t. How well it works (or not) depends on how well you understand the program itself, the content on your website/blog, your site’s popularity and how relevant the Adsense ads are to your content.

    Fan’qu for leaving a comment!

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