Trying Out: Minute Workers…

I’ve just recently joined Minute Workers. Pays you to do little online tasks, from $0.10 per task upwards. Not sure what the tasks involve yet, but will update when I find out. For now, I can see a scrolling thingymejig showing some of the tasks that have been completed by members, including:

– a download and install task for $0.72

– a posting task for $0.90

– a sign-up task for $0.09, which is basically less than the minimum they advertise on their site. I quote:

“These tasks will pay a minimum of $0.10 per task”.


Minimum payout…

…is low: $2.00.

Payment method

Well on the homepage, it mentions Paypal, but when I went into the forum, it mentioned Paypal and AlertPay.

Pay frequency…

…weekly, as long as the minimum payout’s been reached of course.

Signing up…

…was quick – took me a minute or two. I was then sent an email to activate my account, which I did. So I’m in now.

note: for anyone who plans on joining, your log-in details are in the activation email so don’t delete it.

They also pay for posting on their forum…

$0.01 a post/thread, but you have to create 50 posts as a tester first. Hmm. Not really feeling that amount of posts. I’d understand if it was 10 posts, even 15….but 50?

100,000+ members…

Minute Workers boasts over 100,000 members (it says on the home page), so I’m hoping it’s an indication of how good the site is. I guess I’ll find out soon enough, good or bad.

Will keep y’all posted.

UPDATE: So far, I’m not terribly impressed with MW. A lot of the available tasks on there seem to have been created by ’employers’ looking to earn from referrals once you complete them. Of these, several are download tasks, sign-up tasks and survey tasks. I guess there’s nothing wrong with that per se (as long as it’s not against the rules of the site they want you to join), but it’s not what I was expecting when I joined MW – I thought there’d be a wider variety of tasks. For now, sign-ups, surveys and downloads seem to be a running theme.

Some tasks ask you to click on ads, which I’m not comfortable with. Other tasks, I noticed, don’t seem to be paying enough for what they require you to do (in my opinion).

I’ve completed one task worth $0.54 so far (currently pending), which was a sign-up to a GPT site I’ve heard of before and know is legit. I then had to complete one offer once I joined the site.

Minute Workers apparently add new tasks every 4 hours, so I hope there’ll be ones I feel like doing over the next few days.

UPDATE 2: The task I did has been approved. I noticed it was initially $0.60 not $0.54 and wondered why I got less. Turns out for every task you do, 10% admin is taken off. I don’t know if there’s also a fee incurred when you request a payment, but if so, then I won’t be feeling the whole double-charge thing. Saying that though, Fiverr charges 20% for every service you sell through them – quite a significant slice. Anyway, I’ve completed one more task on Minute Workers, plus I’ve a few more I might do. Will keep you posted.

UPDATE 3: The 2nd task I attempted has been approved. I’ve now earned a total of $0.63. Onwards and upwards. Gonna look for another task to do.

UPDATE 4 – 19th June 2012: My interest in the site has all but gone. Can’t remember the last time I visited it. It’s been several months. Can’t really be bothered to reach payout, to be honest. Still consists heavily of download, sign-up & survey tasks.



  1. Anonymous

    Good luck with minuteworkers, I’ve just started there myself!
    (noticed there seem to be alot of “complete survey and download .txt file” jobs. Reckon theres a scam on ?)

  2. ebele

    Hi Anon 🙂

    Yep, there are a helluva lot of those survey/download tasks. I reckon it’s by people who use pay-to-download sites. You complete the survey & download, they make the money. I don’t think it’s a scam per se, but it might be dubious depending on the terms & conditions of the download site and what members are allowed to do.

    I don’t plan on doing those kinda tasks as I’m wary of downloading stuff anyway.

    All the best with minuteworkers too. Let me know how you find it.

    Take care…

  3. Anonymous


    further to my comment above, it looks as if there is a method of making money for people who create those survey + download tasks, read about it here.

    as for the site itself, I’d agree that it doesnt seem to have to much variety so I’m going to concentrate more on

    Good luck Miss E 🙂

  4. ebele

    Hi again,

    Like I suspected, that’s the motivation behind it. Good luck to them. If it’s making them money, then good, as long as it’s allowed by the download site they’re using. But I for one won’t be supporting them as 1) surveys aren’t my most favourite thing in the world to do, and b) the requirement to download something puts me on edge.

    I’ll reach the minimum payout on minuteworkers at some point, but it’ll be with tasks I feel comfortable doing.

    Good luck to you too, Mr/Ms Anon 🙂

    Take care…

  5. ebele

    Hi Anon,

    I haven’t looked at minuteworkers in a while. However, it’s minimum payout is quite low too at $2. Just that a lot of the tasks there aren’t my cup of tea.

    Since I haven’t been there in a while, I might pass thru soon to see if there are any interesting tasks.

    I might take a look at clickchores at some point. Good it’s working for you.

    Take care…

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