Total Online Earnings: January 2011…

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Made a total of $202.85. Not enough to feed my imaginary friend for a month, but considering in January last year, I made $17.15, I’d say it’s an improvement and that, hell, all toasted marshmallows are on me, on the house! 🙂

Zee Jan ’11 bweakdown iz az followz…

CloudCrowd: $125.77 (last of the biggies as I’m trying to wean myself off the site. Don’t like its major contribution to my online income, so until I find something else to match or exceed it income-wise, I’ll be taking a breather from it. Working on CloudCrowd has become somewhat of a habit for me, though, so it’ll be a challenge not to pass by it as often as I used to.)

– SEO gig: $38.34 (private client)

Consumer Intelligence: $15.49 (£10.00) (survey site – read more about it on my survey blog)

– Kooday: $10.15 (money’s made by trading keywords & sharing in the site’s profits. Back in Aug, I invested $5 which was the minimum req’d. Have made & been paid $45.74 since Nov. Kinda passive now – all I do these days is check my total & cash out when it reaches min payout.// Update – Feb ’13: Kooday no longer exists.)

ToneADay: $7.43 (more than likely to be my last payment from this site. Read why.)

Swagbucks: $5.00 (paid to search, do polls, surveys, etc. Read my Swagbucks review)

QuickRewards Network: $0.67 (GPT site) (QuickRewards review)

Total — $202.85

Plans for February…

Haven’t completely decided yet. I know I wanna make one final promotional push in the hopes of making some money from Valentine’s Day. I was quite focused for some time, then my attention wandered.

I’d also like to have found another income source by the end of the month. Two, if possible.

Apart from that, my mind’s kinda percolating over definite to-do’s for this month.

Here’s to a fabulous February…



  1. ebele

    Hey Ajith 🙂

    Yeah, I know about Fiverr. It’s more like a four because there’s apparently a $1 fee per gig you sell. I might give it a go in the near future, though.

    Take care…

  2. avatarlady

    Hi Big Momma. I’m happy for your earnings much better than last year. Kudos!!! Btw, are you open to hosting a giveaway with me in the future and maybe others as well? Just to see if there’s an increase in our referrals.

  3. ebele

    Hi avatarlady 🙂

    Thanks re: earnings.

    Hmm: hosting giveaways – if it’s relevant to my blog, then perhaps. If not, no.

    Take care and enjoy the rest of your week.

  4. WAH Adventures!

    I just ran across your blog from a google search. Love the title! Very fitting and caught my attention enough to click and check it out further ;)! I run a site called Work-at-Home Adventures where I review work you can do online. I though you might find a few ideas there. I am going to “share” this blog and keep an eye on how things go for you! Good luck!

  5. ebele

    Hello, there 🙂

    Thanks for passing by.

    Yeah, the title! Thanks!

    I read your blog quite often, actually, and have it bookmarked. I’m somewhat of a lurker though! It’s nice to officially meet now. 🙂

    Take care. Have a great month online.

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