Total Online Earnings for October…

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Definitely happier with my October earnings. Made $278.31 (a $114.86 improvement on September).

October Breakdown:

(any figures in pounds means it’s how I was initially paid.)

CloudCrowd: $116.09 (paid to complete tasks)(read my CloudCrowd review)

Amazon UK: $41.78 (£26.54)

eBay UK: $25.99 (£16.37)

– Proofreading: $23.93

Triviala: $23.82 (£15.00) (games/trivia site) (read review)

Techdoctordeals: $19.19 (didn’t really take off for me. The admin couldn’t seem to make his/her mind up about the rules (was real schizo like that), so I split.) (read my Techdoctordeals review)

Swagbucks: $10.00 (paid to search, do polls, surveys, etc. To find out more about Swagbucks, read review)

ToneADay: $9.86 (for the work I did the previous month)(read review)

Pinecone Research: $4.79 (£3.00) (read review)

Neobux: $2.01 (paid-to-click site)

QuickRewards Network: $0.85 (GPT site) (read review)

Total — $278.31

My aims for October were to:

– put up one item on eBay or Amazon every day

Outcome: Didn’t do it every single day, but was very frequent for a good 3 weeks. Glad I pulled my finger out and put stuff up. I’m around £45 richer for it.

– sell off an unwanted domain of mine if I can

Outcome: Didn’t manage that, but it’s OK.

– get as close as I can to breaking even on my $10 Clixsense investment

Outcome: Made over $12.95. Should be getting that by Nov 10th.

– open an AlertPay account (to receive payments from sites like Clixsense that pay that way)

Outcome: done.

– make at least $50 on CloudCrowd

Outcome: achieved. /// CloudCrowd’s starting to account for a significant chunk of my monthly earnings. Though I appreciate the extra income I make there, I want to find one or two other sources of income that pull as much weight. That way, if my income dwindles at CloudCrowd for whatever reason, I can lean on those.

– make at least $10 on ToneADay

Outcome: goal not reached, but I did make around $5.00. Couldn’t really get into the flow of it for some reason. Should be getting October’s earnings in November some time.

– reach min payout ($20) on Weegy (q & a site)

Outcome: goal not reached. Hardly used it.

– reach min payout ($20) on CashCrate (gpt site)

Outcome: goal not reached. Didn’t really feel up to doing the offers.

I made $163.45 in September. Money’s money. However, I was disappointed in myself ‘cos I knew I was capable of throwing better fireworks than that. It boiled down to whether I was happy with me….and I wasn’t.

So I’m glad October was better.

In November, I’ll be looking to beat that.

Have a fabulous month, pee-pole. Go all disco on its ass.

I’m outtie’oh…



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