Total Online Earnings: February 2011…

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Didn’t feel the enthusiasm to update this blog last month. Whenever that happens, I tend not to force myself to do it.

But the moon must have coughed or something ‘cos TA-NAAAA, here I am!

What has Big Mama Been Up To…

Errrrm, can’t remember. Didn’t do much of what I planned to do (whatever that was, which I don’t recall, unless I read one of my previous posts where I think I listed it).

Aha, I know I did SOMETHING:

Moved my survey blog to its own host: I used it as a test run for when I move Get Paid to Fart. Thank God I did. There were one or two teething problems, but I now feel more confident about moving this blog when I’m ready.

Been playing bingo online: Been doing it for about a month. Won about £150 altogether (on two sites: Paddy Power Bingo and Tombola). New members get a certain amount of free bonuses. I got a free £10 bonus (or was it £20 – can’t remember) when I joined Paddy Power Bingo with my first deposit of £5 — and a free £20 bonus from Tombola with my first £10 deposit. And that’s what I won with. I think the wins are mostly beginner’s luck ‘cos I’ve hardly won since. I’ve come verrrrrry close, though. This month, I’m gonna stick to the free games on those sites. I might make a very rare (small) deposit. We’ll see.

Been thinking about selling this blog: Couple of times last month, I thought about calling it a day on this blog. I’m kinda still interested in making money online, but not in keeping a blog about it. I feel myself growing away from that. I eventually wanna sell the survey blog as well. I might sell this blog in the future, but for now, me and it are joined at the derriere 🙂

OK, Now Onto February’s Total…

(Any figures in brackets means money was originally rec’d in pounds)

Tombola (bingo): $131.89 (£81.75)

Paddy Power (bingo): $116.45 (£72.17)

Appenscribe: $75.53 (transcription work)

CloudCrowd: $35.25 (reviewing content)(didn’t make as much as I usually do – was intentional. CloudCrowd used to make up for a lot of my online income – I didn’t want that dependency so I toned down on my work there while looking for other income sources)

– Surveys: $12.86 (£8.00) (GfK WISAD, Pinecone Research UK)

– Kooday: $5.54 (buy/sell keywords – I’m not doing much of that anymore, just earning off the weekly profit share & cashing out everytime I reach min payout) (Update – Feb ’13 – Kooday no longer exists.)

Swagbucks: $5.00 (paid to search)

My Social Jobs: $4.50 (did a small writing gig)

Amazon UK: $2.36 (£1.46) (sold one of my used books)

Bukisa: $0.62 (not active on this one AT ALL. Paypal’d me whatever was in my account when they switched to adsense. End of.)

QuickRewards Network: $0.62 (GPT site)

Total — $390.62

Marked improvement on Jan ($202.85).

This Month…

I’d like to think I would have moved this blog to self hosting by the end of this month. Apart from that, I think I’m gonna just go with the flow. See where the wind takes me.

Have a great month, everyone. Rock it out. 🙂



  1. Anonymous

    I have question which I am sure you have been asked, here it you make the biggest part of your money with referrals ?
    Okay, a couple of there anyway to make descent money online with doing small task likes the ones you are talking about, WITHOUT getting referrals? I am just not to big in trying to get them. I just want to sit down at computer and make what I can without all the marketing crap. Any suggestions here ?

  2. ebele

    Hi, there,

    Referrals count for a small fraction of my online earnings. For e.g., apart from Swagbucks, everything I made online last month had no ref element to it. Most of my months are like that – refs don’t factor in that much, although it can increase on occasion.

    I guess you could make a decent amount of money using a combo of the methods I’ve mentioned (without refs), but it depends on the time & effort you put in, and the level of interest you have in them.

    When I used to write online for pay some time ago, I was making an OK amount (most I made from it in a mth was $700 or so). Didn’t have a referral element at all.

    Hope this helps.

    Take care…

  3. ebele

    Hi joey 🙂

    No, I haven’t heard of that site, so I checked it out.

    Not really feeling the site if I’m to be honest. I’m into the fart side of things!, but I don’t like the fact that it’s been sexualised (or rather, it’s been used as an opportunity to sexualise women).

    Anyhoo, take care…

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks for taking the time to respond and yes it did give me insight on making the money without referrals. I just wish I was better at writing. I don’t believe I would make that much with that.
    Ps. I really enjoy your blog and I would hate to see you let it go. You have a something good here, that I am sure took you time to build.

  5. ebele

    Hi, again 🙂

    I think you’re better at writing than you think. It’s worth giving it a go: maybe try it for a month and see how you feel after that.

    Thanks for your compliment about my blog! Really appreciated.

    Take care now…

  6. TriNi @ Make Money Online

    Was just wondering where you went cuz I haven’t heard from you in a bit and decided to stop by.

    I’m sorry to read you aren’t too interested in keeping your blog anymore.. but hey! I definitely can feel where you’re coming from and at least you’re still interested in making money! That’s all great. I think you’re a great writer and you should focus your energy on a more “creative” topic. Making money online definitely tends to become mundane sometimes lol.

    Good luck either way whatever you decide and congrats on your earnings. 🙂

    TriNi @ Make Money Online

  7. ebele

    Hey Trini 🙂

    Aww, thanks for checking up on me.

    I did pass by your blog about a week or so ago, but couldn’t leave a comment for some reason.

    I’m around. Been getting up to other stuff (offline) and haven’t felt the urge to touch this blog at all. Unsure when I will.

    Nothing to be sorry about, hun. It is what it is. 🙂

    I’m still earning money online, nowhere near as much as what I used to make when I was active, but that’s OK.

    Thanks for the luck, hun, and I hope you continue to do as well as you have been.


  8. ebele

    Hi avatarlady 🙂

    Bingo: can be fun and exciting. If you’re ever interested in trying it, one bit of advice I’d give is don’t get into it if you have an addictive side to your personality. Oh, and another: don’t spend any more than you’re willing to lose.

    My February earnings were indeed an improvement on previous months; however, I wouldn’t say there’s been an overall improvement this year (not unless I get back into the thick of earning online).

    I see you’re doing well, though, especially with Squadhelp. You have the magic touch where that site’s concerned!

    Are you still with ToneADay?

    Take care…

  9. avatarlady

    Hi. I forgot to read your response. I stopped toneadaying. lol The longer I stay there, the more boring it gets. I’m now addicted to Squadhelp for as long as it exists. It helps pay my ebay purchases. And thanks for the bingo tip. =)

  10. ebele

    You’re a pro at Squadhelp, so I’m glad you’re gonna concentrate on that.

    You’re welcome re: the bingo tip.

    Take care and have a good weekend. 🙂

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