ToneADay Tips…

For those that don’t know what ToneADay’s about, it’s basically a site that pays you to rate the emotional content of a preselected group of words. (for more info, read my ToneADay review)

For the past couple of weeks, the following has been a common trend on ToneADay:

When you go to rate words, you get a message that more words are being fetched, to be patient, to come back in a few minutes or later.

Several times, it really has been more ‘later’ than ‘a few minutes’.

I wouldn’t recommend that anyone rely on ToneADay for a significant (or only) source of income; ToneADay has said as much in their forums, and I totally agree. However, if you want to make the most of ToneADay, I have the following tips:

– log into the site and leave the window open for the duration of the time in which you’re online. If there are no words to rate, refresh the window every 15 minutes or so until (hopefully) words become available.

– when words become available, do what you can while you can

– even though there’s no telling when the current words you are rating will become unavailable, don’t rush through them. Do what you can, but take your time rating them. I try and spend 10-30 secs rating each word. If you rush it, there’s a chance ToneADay will not pay you and all the work you put in would have gone to waste.

If you’re using ToneADay and can offer additional tips, that’d be grand.

My ToneADay Earnings…

I’ve been paid $18.66 to date (1st payment of $1.79 in Aug; 2nd payment: $16.87 in Sept). Proof below:

(click image to view larger version /// p.s.: ToneADay’s owned by Lymbix – hence the name in the proof of payment)

toneaday - proof of payment

I’m approaching the $7 mark in current unpaid earnings. Going by how unpredictable word availability has been on ToneADay, there’s no telling how much further my earnings there will creep up. However, as long as my ratings get approved upon verification by the staff, then I’m good with whatever I make.



  1. bcromlish

    Great post on strategies for getting the most out of ToneADay – we are however trying to make the system have a stable availability of words. This “Fetching words” thing is temporary. Thanks for your interest in our site though!

    Bryan Cromlish
    Community Manager
    Lymbix Inc

  2. ebele

    Hi Bryan,

    It works for me, so I thought: why not share, ey? No point keeping it to myself 🙂

    re: fetching words – good luck with that.

    Take care…

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you very much for the tips and suggestions. They’re quite helpful, actually, and I’ll pass along your blog entry to a few friends of mine that would be interested.

    You’re really so kind to share all of this knowledge with the world wide interwebs 😉

    Thanks so much!

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