Toneaday Changes: still paying…well kinda sorta…

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Toneaday has switched things up again. It’s moving more towards a community-based theme, and moving away from paying everybody for rating words.

Instead of getting paid to rate, you now get points instead. The points system was something they phased in some months ago. However, then, people were still getting paid too. That’s changed. You rate, you get points only, no money.

Paid rating is still possible, but for a select number of people…

…and is upon invitation by Toneaday. To stand a chance of being invited, you have to be a top community member. Being a top community member depends on how much you rate and how genuine your ratings are. I quote:

Be Invited Into Campaigns

In addition to weekly prize draws, top community members will be invited to join Campaigns and rate a group of words or phrases for a $0.02/word. Campaigns will happen on a regular basis, however they will be invitation only. Taking your time and providing sincere ratings will improve your chances of being invited into a paid campaign.”

So, basically, if you’re not one of the top raters, you don’t get invited to rate for pay. And even if you do get invited, I suspect there’ll be a cap on how many words you’re given to rate.

Prize Draws…

The more careful consideration you spend rating words, the more Toneaday points you gain. The more of those you have, the more ‘ballotts’ you get in the weekly prize draw. The prize draw is a new thing.

Win Prizes

Each week there will be a prize draw where winners will be drawn from participating community members that week. The more ToneADay points you have for that week, the more ballots in the draw you will have.”

Ain’t that Surprised…

I’m not entirely surprised by these changes – it’s something I’ve become used to with paying sites in general: cutting pay, or not paying at all, or shutting down altogether. It happens. I’m just glad I wasn’t relying on Toneaday for income. Sadly, a few people were, so it’s come as more of a shock to them.

If there’s any lesson in this recent development, it’s that one shouldn’t put all of one’s cookies in the one jar. It’s served as a reminder for me in regards to CloudCrowd. Although I have a handful of earners, CloudCrowd is my biggest one. I’ve got to find a couple earning methods that’ll dilute CloudCrowd’s level of contribution to my online income.

Anyway, onwards and upwards…



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  1. TriNi

    I must say, I’m not surprised either! I’ve seen that happen so many times with new sites, or sites that try to pay people to do simple things.. especially things like voting/rating/etc. I mean.. it’s like IMRC all over.

    That’s why yes.. you’re totally right. In that you shouldn’t depend on just one method of earning online.

    BUT.. I’ll also say that I choose to stick with the most popular sites. Not saying that they won’t ever sink either.. but chances are.. if they’ve been around for a while and is popular and successful, then they might stick around for a while longer!

    take care ebele!!

    TriNi @ Make Money Online Free

  2. ebele

    Hi TriNi…

    It’s the way the online cookie crumbles, I guess.

    IMRC: a distant memory. Was good while it lasted.

    Really have to spread out my earning eggs and add some strong ones.

    Yeah, I hear you about older sites potentially being more reliable. I raise my hat to the ones that have managed to stick around.

    You take care too, hun…

  3. ebele

    Hi avatarlady,

    With the new changes, you MIGHT be able to make money with it if you work your way up to top rater status.

    Thanks for the link and good luck with Toneaday.

    Have a great week, lady.

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