The Good News and The Not-So-Good News…

I’d read about on several blogs in the past. Seen it discussed on myLot a few times as well as on a couple of job sites. At the time, it was being promoted as a site that pays you to set up and run a blog on their site.

I mainly joined to find out if it actually did pay – I was reading several blogs that were talking about it and promoting it, but I was yet to hear anyone say they’d actually been paid nor had I seen any proof of payment.


– It was $1 per post for a minimum of 100 words. Minimum payout, $50. You could post as much and as frequently as you wanted, however YOU ONLY GOT PAID FOR THE ONE POST A DAY. (Sometimes, you had the option to set up a 2nd blog to up your income)

– You also got a cut of their advertising revenue depending on how much unique traffic you drew to your blog. ($2 per 1000 uniques)

– You were automatically signed up to their referral program. $5 per new blogger referred by you (as long as your referral made a minimum of 10 approved posts).


I set up my first blog on there (in September)…

…then I set up another (in December).

I’m assuming uses a WordPress platform – looks very much like it – and so I found it quite easy to use as I’m familiar with WP.

I found the member forum really friendly and helpful too. Has a certain sense of community.


I got paid this month!


– I ain’t gonna get paid per post anymow.

You see, every month or two, assesses a blog to see how it’s performing and can INCREASE or DECREASE your payment rate accordingly. Mine got assessed and downgraded to ad-rev share only/referral program status.

My fault, really, as I wasn’t posting that frequently and wasn’t getting that much traffic.


– They no longer offer the pay-per-post deal to new bloggers who join. It’s now only based on the traffic your new blog receives ($2 per 1000 unique hits).

– Their referral program has also changed for new bloggers. You can only qualify for the program if you’ve posted a minimum of 20 posts within 20 days.

– If your new blog performs exceptionally well within 30 days of it being set up, it MAY get upgraded to their pay-per-post program.


Some would say yes. Others, no. If you’re already a member of other ad-revenue sites, then might be another one to add to your list (with the possibility of getting paid per post in the future). Others might think it’s not worth the effort and that their time and energy would be best spent on other online pursuits. One reason is no more valid than the other. It’s a personal choice/decision.

Since I already have 2 blogs on there, I might continue maintaining them in some shape or form; but I, for one, wouldn’t have joined under the new rules.   However, my initial curiosity was satisfied – I wanted to find out if they really did pay and, yes, they do. But with their recent payment overhaul, the bar’s been raised significantly.

Apply to become a blogger — or not.

Until next time…may the Barack be with you…



  1. Catana

    The Accentuate forum is loaded with discussion of the change, and it seems as if nearly everyone who writes about writing has been downgraded. It looks as if the majority will quit Today. I certainly have.

    I posted a discussion on Mylot because yours and one other person’s seemed unable to overcome the effects of the “I got paid!” enthusiasm. At least you managed to warn off a few. Mine didn’t get too many responses, but every one helps, I guess.

    Whither now, you scorned writers? I’m starting over on Blogspot.

  2. 2ThePoint

    Hello Catana,

    Without my prior knowledge, my post on myLot seemed to coincide with the time they posted the link on the forum about it. What puzzles me somewhat is that they didn’t put it in the Member Area so that other members who didn’t log onto the forum could see it (i.e., me).

    Ah well.

    Good luck to everyone, I say.

    take care and have a good weekend.

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