This Month’s Plan…

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My plan this month is to push myself but to be gentle. Instead of working against myself, I plan to work with myself. Instead of forcing myself to work a certain way, in a way I think I ‘should’ be working, I plan to pay attention to what suits me and work accordingly.

Breaking things up…

I don’t like focusing on one article for more than a few hours at a time and yet I’ve been forcing myself to spend much longer than that for as long as I can remember. What ends up happening when I force myself is I try every which way to distract myself (doesn’t take a lot) and then an article ends up taking me a gazillion times as long to finish.

I like splitting my attention over a couple of things during the day. I’ve therefore decided to write in bits. Work on an article for a couple of hours, then forget about it, take a breather and do something else. Go back to the article at the end of the day or the next day and continue. Rinse and repeat until it’s finished.

I tried the above modus operandi over the weekend and it seemed to work. Broke an article up over various times, worked on it a couple of hours each time – sometimes for even just an hour – and it did seem less tedious, less stressful, dare I say a tad more enjoyable.

Change of work scenery…

Google isn’t the only way to search for information – there’s the local library. I can’t remember the last time I was in there. And it’s a very nice library too. What’s to stop me from looking for info there, from doing my work there? The change of scenery would be a good thing, I think.

Taking work days off…

I feel like I’ve been sitting in front of the computer solidly for the past year (my butt’s shaped like a frikkin chair). If I manage my time a bit better, I won’t need to do that. I’ve therefore structured my month in such a way that I have certain days off where I can do what I want, where working that day is totally optional, where there isn’t a deadline to meet, where I can work on my own projects if I choose to, or walk away from the computer and go out and see family/friends or treat myself or completely veg out in front of the TV – where I don’t have to switch on the computer when I come home unless I want to.

Soooo that’s my plan for April. We’ll see how it goes.

(p.s.: it’s my day off today!)

What are your plans for the month???



  1. 2ThePoint

    Hey Dean, maybe you’re not lazy, maybe you’re just not feeling particularly motivated. There’s a difference. The thing is if you can abstain from alcohol for as long as you did, then maybe it’s just a matter of looking for something you really wanna do.

    take care…

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