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blogmapOne of the reasons I set this blog up was to give reviews from a personal perspective. I’d read lots of reviews for programs I’d wanted to join and didn’t feel they were giving me the depth that I wanted, the kind of depth that can come from having experienced a program yourself. And even if they did, I felt some weren’t being totally honest because of the potential affiliate income they could gain from promoting a program in a positive light (even if the program’s mediocre or just downright shite).

There’s nothing inherently wrong with affiliate programs, nothing at all, but allowing it to cloud your honest opinion of a site is another thing.

Anyway, who am I to judge? – I ain’t perfect, I pick my nose and flick it on the carpet when I can’t be bothered to get up and get some tissue. “No-one will see it”, I say, ‘cos the carpet’s a ‘camouflage’ colour. And I don’t wash my hands after using the toilet either. Sometimes. Not always. See me? Imperfecto 🙂

So all you peeps that exaggerate about gpt programs so peeps can sign up under you, don’t be ashamed, don’t feel bad about it – ‘COS I PICK MY NOSE 😉 , and that’s bound to be a lot worse. I don’t think anyone’s ever gotten into heaven for picking their nose. EVER. But top affiliate earners seem to just breeze through those pearly gates. Not fair.

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes, I was gonna say I luuuurve researching gpt programs and writing about them. I don’t know why I do, but I do. Nowadays though, before I join any program, I make sure I pass by GPTBoycott to check out their list of rotten godforsaken rootin tootin mad sad gpt baddies. I don’t want a repeat performance of 1-800-F*KIN-Mail, do I now? I’m broke enough as it is without paying my therapist for the extra hour spent ranting to her about scammers. Sex is much cheaper. Yes, next time a scammer ticks me off, I shall have sex.   Plenty of it.   With or without company.

Anyway, I’m off again. Where was I? Erm, yeah, although GPTBoycott are a godsend, I accept their super-duper force-fields can’t protect against all shady gpt sites. They’re doing an amazing amazing job though. If I’d passed by them before joining 1-800-F*KIN-Mail, well, basically I wouldn’t have joined.

The next review I’m gonna do is MediaDollarz. I’m about to join up. Should be able to report back with some kind of review in a couple days or so.

Have a fantastic weekend, y’all. How’s your year been so far?


(image by: francescopozzi)

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