There’s a Balloon in my Helium…

It’s amazing what some of us are willing to do when the state of our wallets send us into a spiral of low self-esteem & self-loathing. We jump into things we wouldn’t normally consider – lower our standards – become blind to things that are clear as day.

I joined – a get-paid-to-write site – a while ago when I was really desperate for money – I mean REALLY. There hasn’t been a significant change in my money situation but I’m in a better place now mentally. But at the time I joined, I was like: “I write, I’m desperate for money, so hell, why not get paid for it?”

So I was looking at their website the other day, specifically at their ‘Reasons to join Helium’ (and this is what it says & I quote):

Reasons to join Helium…
• My articles appear instantly!
• Millions read my work.
• I build my own brand: Brand ME!
• I am rewarded: Helium shares advertising revenue with me.
• Community of like-minded people: Thousands of active writers.
• I can enter writing contests & win cash prizes!

…and I was thinking: “well, thanks for the offer and all, Helium – but I think I can do most if not all of the above myself – without you – ‘cos…”

a) anything I write on this blog will appear pretty quickly (‘specially if I ping it)

b) Ok, millions might not read my work, but … do I necessarily give a funk?

c) Brand ME? – I already am ME.

d) I am ‘rewarded’ by getting a cut of Helium’s ad revenue which is most likely Adsense-based. Yey! So, erm, if I put Adsense on my own blog, and I don’t have to squabble over a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of Helium’s ad rev, then that would be reeeeeally reeeeeally bad – wouldn’t it? Hmmm…

e) Oh gee, I can enter writing contests and win money too? – Weeeeee!!!!!

Like I said: Lack of Self-Esteem is a Bitch.

And a blind one at that.


Number of articles: 12

Total made: $0.58

Since: 13th May ’07

When can I cash it: err, when it reaches $25


(one small consolation is that the earnings are ongoing – meaning that it increases depending on how many people read your article(s). So the more people you drive to your articles, the more you earn. But to be honest, I’d rather just put all that energy into my own blog.)


This is just my opinion. My experience. Other people will tell you Helium’s the bee’s knees. And to them, it is. And that’s ok. More importantly, make up your own mind with all the information at your disposal. Then join up if you want to. But do ask yourself if you’re just better off setting up your own site.

One other important thing you need to know is that once your work’s up on Helium, that’s it – you can’t delete it.


  1. 2ThePoint

    Thanks, brandy, for passing through – I appreciate that, ‘specially as the blog’s so new. Thank you.

    You take care…

  2. Brandy

    Frances or is it Francis? was definetly the life of the movie. I think you’re right. He brought so much to the story!

    If you ever get bored sign up for a few surveys on my site some of them have really good payouts for downlines. Such as the surveysavvy on my site 🙂

  3. Michelle

    I joined Helium back in April of 2008 when I thought I too needed the extra cash. There are also a number of other sites out there like Helium popping up.

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