There Must Be Something in the Water…

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morning writingI woke up today and the first thing I did was switch on the computer and write an article. I didn’t log onto the internet, didn’t make myself a coffee, I just switched on, sat down and wrote. Within an hour, I’d finished it and sent it to the client just after midday. Quickest $50 I’ve ever made.

I felt my forehead just to make sure I wasn’t running a temperature as this is soooo, soooo, soooo unlike me. I tend not to look forward to writing a piece no matter how painless the actual writing is. I’m an expert at building up the dread in my head until it reaches beautifully epic proportions. It’s just what I do. If I’m writing for myself, I’m fine, but the minute someone pays me to write, I get all stressed out about it. The fear is unfounded – I can’t really put it down to experience – the only nightmare piece I’ve written in a long time has been a press release – I wrestled with it for 2 weeks, but I got through it and the client seemed to love it.

So, yeah, today’s started off really good. Thank you, me!

I can’t say that tomorrow will be a repeat performance, but I’m holding onto this morning for what it is.

Hope y’all have a mangoful day.



  1. Little Dough Girl

    Sweet! BTW – I justgrabbed a copy of you e-book. Thanks for that! I look forward to reading it and using it. I’ve got a degree in English and put myself through school (many moons age) writing for my college paper. Fun stuff.

  2. ebele

    Hi Little Dough Girl,

    You’re welcome. Hope you find the ebook useful.

    English degree, huh? Well, it looks like that’s about to come in real handy for you pretty soon 🙂

    All the best next month.

    take care…

  3. Make Money Online Free

    Wow go you!

    congrats on your article! I know what you mean. I love the write too, but somehow with all the sites and ways to make money online writing, I stick to GPT. I hate when I have to get paid to write, it’s like I either can’t figure what to write about, or if I’m given the topic.. well… i still can’t figure what to write about LOL.

    BTW quit doing so well cuz then you’ll throw me off in your contest about guess how much I make this month. lol.

    ;P jk off course. Take care kiddo!

    TriNi @ make money online free

  4. ebele


    How was Florida? 🙂

    If you quit going on fabulous holidays, then I’ll quit doing so well. Scout’s honour!

    re: paid-to-write dread – not quite sure why it happens – maybe it’s a perfectionist streak coupled with the weight of expectation from someone outside ourselves. I don’t know. We’re special.

    take care, you…

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