There Ain’t Much Cash in This Crate…


Before I joined CashCrate, I’d done my research and had heard nothing but good things about the program. People were making a realistic amount of pocket change. What really encouraged me was – that woman has got the Midas touch! So, on the back of all my reading up, I joined CashCrate in early September, enthused and hopeful that – great! – here’s a program that seems to work.


Well, with CashCrate, you get paid for doing surveys, filling in forms, taking out trials on products and services, that kind of thing. The payment I had available to me ranged from $0.20 to $40.00 per task, with the higher pay range requiring a credit card to complete (which was a no-no for me – I ain’t prepared to whip out my card).

However, there were enough free tasks I could complete to help me reach the $10 minimum payout. Or so I thought.

(p.s: the minimum payout has since gone up to $20)


1) Quite a few of my tasks took AGES to confirm or weren’t confirmed at all.

2) At one point I had about $3.50 worth of completed tasks and $10.40 pending. If the $10.40 had cleared, then a cheque would have been winging its way to me. However, after a couple of weeks, my pending earnings disappeared. So I tried again. I did more tasks. My pending earnings built up, then POOF, gone again.

I’d had enough.

3) One thing I didn’t bank on was this: CashCrate is a US-based company (I believe), so if you live in the US, you have a lot more tasks at your disposal and therefore the potential to make more money than a non-US resident. I live in the UK.


You could try referring CashCrate to US residents. If they join through you (via your referral link):

– you get paid 20% of what they make on there, plus

– $3 when they make their first $10 (it might be $20 now)

– plus, if your referral recruits their own US-based referrals, you get 10% of what their referrals make.


I really can’t be arsed to keep on trying to reach minimum payout – not if my pending earnings are gonna keep on going walkies.

I’m sure CashCrate really works for some folks and will continue to. However, unfortunately, it hasn’t really been the case for me so far. I might take the referral route at some point in the future, though. I might have better luck there.

But until then, ’tis time to dab thine eyes with a hanky and sashay on. My chariot awaits.

Whatever you decide to do, good luck 🙂


  1. 2ThePoint

    Hi Nichele!

    It is what it is, I guess. Maybe they’ll have more opportunities in the future. There are diff ways to earn money online – other areas out there to be explored – so I’m not that hung up about Cashcrate really, just a tad disappointed as I’d read good reviews.

    I’m glad it’s working for you though – may it continue.

    Thanks for passing through – yep!, the title!, what can I say 😉

  2. cubex

    I’m imaging an anthropomorphic dollar bill walking away when you said your pending earnings were going ‘walkies’ 🙂

    “Come back money, come back!!!”

  3. TriNi - make money online free

    I never read your cashcrate review before so when I stopped by today I happened to click on it.

    I’m sorry you haven’t had that much success with it. I totally understand what you’re saying. The only reason I’m still with it is because I’ve been doing great with referrals. But even though I’m from the US, I only have 1 page of offers left as well.

    I did make money from it though.. but not hardly as much as you can make from referrals! It’s why you’ve read so many good reviews because there are several members that make over $1000 with Cashcrate’s referral program. All you have to do is find something that works for you and the rest is history! 🙂

    Anyway.. fair enough review.. I appreciate the honesty that you write with.. it’s what keeps me stopping by often! 🙂

  4. ebele

    Hi Reanna,

    It’s good that at least one of us is doing better with it. I have 2 referrals on Cashcrate – not that active though. Ho hum.

    It’s ok though. When one door closes (CashCrate), another window bursts open (Pinecone Research)!

    Have a lovely weekend, you. Thanks for passing by.

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