The One Where She Gets Paid By IM Report Card…

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IM Report Card is a number of things. You can learn about different money-making/ internet marketing products and services as well as read other people’s feedback on them. You can share your knowledge of any that you’ve personally tried yourself. Plus you’re encouraged to spread the word about IM Report Card and recommend new sites for review. You get paid too.

To read about IM Report Card in more detail, I’ve done a write-up here.

Last month. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Five minus five.

I didn’t earn anything on IM Report Card last month due to a combination of me not being particularly active, inactive referrals (they’re human. it happens), and deducted referral credits (made the innocent mistake of using a friend’s laptop who was one of my referrals. I still think IM Report Card’s cool so no hard feelings. Just took me a while to build my credits back up.)

It’s nice to get something this month. I requested payment and got it within 4-5 hours. Wasn’t expecting it that quick.

im report card - proof of payment

Makes my month’s total look a bit more respectable (I’m on $143.22 at the mo’).

Anyway, hope y’all have had a good start to the month. Hope it ends just as well. If not, there’s next year: and it’s got a whole heap of chances in its pocket. 365, to be exact.

Here’s to butterscotch-flavoured toothpicks; and rum too shy to get you drunk.



  1. Make Money Online Free

    Congrats on your payment. 🙂 Had that minus thing happen to me too when one of my refs got banned for fraud :/.. sucks that it comes out of your earnings but it’s a site they’re running you know.. and I’ve made a decent amount there so I can’t complain.

    Always got paid on time everytime too. 🙂

    Take care hun


  2. ebele

    Thank you 🙂

    I was relieved the penalty didn’t affect my referral. She still had her credits. Would have felt twice as bad otherwise ‘cos it wasn’t her fault.

    But, yeah, I’m back up and running now.

    You take care, too.

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