The Credit Crunch, the Manic-Depressive Media. A Match Made in Hell.

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I’m a tuna person.

Canned tuna, to be precise.

I don’t love tuna. Don’t hate it either.

But it’s the cheapest meat-substitute to buy on my budget.

Or rather, it WAS the cheapest.

A tin of tuna that I used to buy for approx £0.32 is now double that and up.

Other foods that I normally buy have gone up somewhat and I’m thinking of making my own toilet roll or opting out of shitting altogether. 🙂

I know Britain’s economy is kinda topsy-turvy at the mo’. Same goes for other economies around the world.

I get that.

But what I can’t stand is being constantly bombarded with news about it.

I really don’t think the media’s helping with their non-stop reportage about the economy. It’s almost as if, everyday, they’re hoping another company will go under, that unemployment figures will go up further, that share prices will drop again.

I promised myself, when all the news first kicked off about the economy, that I wouldn’t listen to it after a while – because I knew the media would get all obsessively gloomy about it – it’s what they do – and I didn’t want my psyche to be affected by it, I didn’t want to absorb the fear, the doom-and-gloomism they were projecting.

And I guess what’s pissing me off a bit is as much as I’ve flicked channels to avoid yet another dose of fear-laden journalism, I’ve still absorbed their ‘oh shit, we’re all fucked’ mentality to some extent.

I’m gonna keep on shimmying forward though….inspite of it.

Have a grrrrrreat week, y’all.



  1. Dean Saliba

    It is exactly reasons like this that made me stop watching the news and reading newspapers.

    You know what you need? You need to go and net yourself one of those rich blokes, then you could buy the expensive meats of this world!

    Have a good week as well. 🙂

  2. Bianca Raven

    You know, I was kind of sick of hearing about how bad the economy was and blah, blah, blah.

    What it takes for the media to stop focusing on all that negativity is for half your country to burn down.

    We don’t get economic-filled depressive news-casts any longer. We get bushfire related newscasts now.

    : /

    p.s. I found a nice UK paying market for you that I thought might help you out. I’ll throw a post on the blog about it once I’m done commenting here.

  3. 2ThePoint

    Hi Dean,

    Hmmm…rich bloke, huh? I tried it with Brad Pitt and it didn’t work. 🙂

    I’d much rather earn my own dosh, frankly.

    take care!


    Bianca Raven!

    I hear you. I guess I can’t change how the media’s angle on constant repetition of things – but I can change things on my end.

    I’m gonna pass by your blog soon 🙂

    take care…

  4. Catana

    With the price of food jumping just about every week, I don’t need anyone to tell me something’s majorly wrong. I stopped watching TV news a year ago, and my diet is now limited to Google News once a day.

  5. 2ThePoint


    That’s a GREAT idea! They show The Daily Show on one of the channels I have over here. I’m gonna start watching that instead.

    Plus, Jon Stewart’s hot!


    Hi Catana,

    Google News. ‘Nother good idea. I’ll give that a go too.


    Take care, you two…

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