Thanks 1-800-Mail. Thanks a bunch.


So you really are scammers, huh? You should be proud. Very proud.

I’m one of the fortunate ones – I’d been on your program for less than a week before I found out you really weren’t kosher. Unfortunately, there are lots of people on your program, some for over a year, who have reached your high payout ($125) and are still waiting for payment. Some have sent emails which they’re still waiting for a reply to, and some of those who received a reply were told they had to sign up for paid membership before anything could happen. Long story short, there seem to be more people who are still waiting for payment than those who have been paid.

But every negative cloud has a positive lining, don’t you think? And that’s what I choose to focus on. So thank you, 1-800-frikkin-Mail. Thank you:

– for inadvertently leading me to very informative sites, particularly and which I feel will prove very useful in the future against scum like you.

– for proving that my instincts were right – I’ll trust that voice a lot more and pray that it’ll be much better at seeing through any similar spiel of rhetorical bullshit in the future.

Have a great Xmas, 1-800-Mail. Karma’s winging its way to you.

Yours Sincerely (pun intended)



  1. 2ThePoint

    You’re welcome, Windyridge!

    Yep, GPTBoycott will be one of my gpt bibles from now on.

    Thanks for passing thru.

    take care now…

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