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Proofreading: $20-a-day Aim (Update)

So, my idea a couple of weeks ago was to see if I could make $20 a day on the proofreading site I use.

I did OK the first couple of days, but lost the focus/enthusiasm to make that amount per day. However, I’ve been able to manage $10 days easily. I wouldn’t have been able to do that had I not aimed to make $20 a day, so that’s cool.

I now know I can go at a steady but leisurely pace and make $10 a day ($10 days are now the norm for me); but if I want to push myself, I can make $20 or close to it.

Since 7th September when I posted about my idea, I’ve made just under $140. I also have about $37 due to me and I’m working my way towards another $10. I’m set to make more this month from the site than I’ve made in any month this year.

What this experiment has taught me:

– what I can achieve if I focus (and it doesn’t have to be a huge amount of focus, but being consistent helps)

– that it all adds up, the effort put in each day, no matter how small per day.

– that I like receiving money. I like the current flow of money I’m manifesting. I like what I’ve made and I like what’s coming to me.

I look forward to making more money between now and the end of the month.

I’m not used to talking about money in this way; I’m aware I’m talking about it in a different way in this post, almost like I’m reclaiming some of my power. I wasn’t aware of where I was with that until I wrote this post.

Anyway, have a cool weekend, all. 🙂


Proofreading: I Want to Make $50 a Week. (Week 2)

I’m doing OK. Over the halfway mark now – $27.48.

I have three days to hit my target. I’ve almost reached another cashout, so that will take me to around $31.

The weekend’s looking a bit busy as I’m out both days, but I’m determined to hit my target this week. No hoping. I am the hope, so to speak! Ka!

(*plays Eye of the Tiger in her head*)



Proofreading: I Want to Make $50 a Week… (Update – Week 1)

So my plan is to make $50 a week this month by proofreading online.

$200 a month.

Ideally, I’d like this to be the case from month to month.

There’s a site I use where I think it’s possible.

I unfortunately didn’t hit my target last week (week 1) – I made $33.00 – but that’s because I only decided on the target late last week, leaving me with a couple of days to attempt to reach it. Had things to do over the weekend, so had even less time.

This week, it’s on!

I’ve made $4.48 so far and there’s another on its way.

I think I can hit another payout by the time I waddle to bed. (I’m a night owl)

If I can make $10 there every other day, I’ll reach my target (even with PayPal fees taken off).

It’s not a lot of work. I sit there doing other stuff I need to do until proofing work trickles in. I choose if I want to do it or let it pass. Sometimes, someone takes it before I do (as I’m not the only one logged in).

I basically dip in and out of the site as and when. There aren’t any set hours.

Anyway, this $50 IS GONNA HAPPEN THIS WEEK! (she says).

I can be pretty laid back when it comes to earning online, preferring to go with my own flow and interests. It’s part of my nature. I tend to want to go where my interests are.

However, how I feel at this time is that I need some kind of personal(ised) system where I know that a certain amount of energy applied from month to month will earn me a certain amount of money.

This site I’m using will be one of them. If I can get into a rhythm, then I know I can more or less make $200 a month.

Wish me luck 🙂


It’s been a long-ass while (plus online earnings from July-October 2015)

Hiiiiii… 🙂

Been months since I posted here. I lost interest.

The longer I stayed away from the blog, the less interest I had in it.

I also hadn’t been that proactive with online money making, so there wasn’t much to blog about.

I also tend to pulse in and out of things. It’s in my nature.

So four months’ later and there you have it. 🙂

I can’t say I’m back. Just wanted to post an earnings update while the feeling’s there to do so.

Earnings – July to October: $465.14

Jul: $124.15

Aug: $148.37

Sept: $105.99

Oct: $86.63


 – Testing: $262.50 (uTest) (you get paid for testing sites and apps)

 – Surveys: $98.31 (Prolific Academic, Pinecone Research, Pure ProfileViewsbank, The Health Hub)

 – GPTs: $45.51 (Gift Hunter Club, Cashle/Points2Shop, Clixsense, CashCrate)

 – Proofreading: $45.10

 – Misc: $7.93 (Lucky Phone, Qmee) (Lucky Phone’s a lottery draw based on phone numbers. Qmee pays you to search.)

 – Proofreading post: $6.00 (I wrote a post about how proofreading was earning me money)


So that’s it :). I might be back here soon. I might not. Just gonna go with my flow.

Buh byeeee…

Miss Eb. 

February Update 1: Gift Hunter Club/Crowdflower, Proofreading, Clickworker…

Thought an update’s due on how things are going for me this month.

It’s been a good 10/11 days. I’ve made close to $200 so far.


This is the first full month where I’ll be doing the extra hours I mentioned previously. So my earnings are set to increase quite a bit compared to last month. Last month, I made $110.42 proofreading. This month, I’ve already made over $150.00. To explain, this is from the one gig, but consists of income from:

– anytime I log in at my leisure and there’s work


– hours I’ve signed up for/committed myself to do (extra hours)

So, one is flexible, while the other is shift based. But it’s the same job.

I make more during shifts as there’s an hourly rate, so it’s accounted for about two-thirds of what I’ve made this month.

For anyone interested in joining the site, who feels they’re qualified, I’ve written in detail about it. Read the following post first, then if you’d like more info, that post tells you what to do. / To be clear, if you decide to apply for the gig, it won’t be for shift work. It’ll be for the other option I mentioned. You log in when you want and wait for work as, if and when it comes.

OK, moving on…


Gift Hunter Club/Crowdflower tasks…

Quick recap:

Crowdflower is a company that divvies up lots of short tasks amongst lots of people. I guess the premise is that a mass job gets done much quicker if a lot of folks do a bit each, rather than a handful of people trying to manage the workload and taking a good while.

This is commonly known as crowdsourcing and Crowdflower isn’t the only company that does this. There’s Amazon Mechanical Turk, Microworkers and Clickworker, for instance.

(I said this was gonna be a quick recap, right?!)

Anyway, so Crowdflower tasks can be found on a number of GPTs (get paid to) sites including Clixsense, Cashle and Gift Hunter Club. I’m supposing these sites get a cut which is why they host it.

My preferred GPT platform for doing Crowdflower tasks is Gift Hunter Club.

Last month, I made $77.00 on Gift Hunter Club, most of which was via Crowdflower tasks I did. | (read more about CF tasks and Gift Hunter Club)

This month, I’ve made $37.00 so far – so I might beat last month’s figure. I think I can.



I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to add a third earning strand this month and would look at Clickworker (similar to Crowdflower).

I signed up to Clickworker a few years ago. Used it intermittently, then stopped using it altogether in 2012/2013.

Used it a bit last month. But this month, I was of the mind to explore it more and see if there was money to be made.

The work available depends on where you’re based. For the UK, I found there was hardly any work. However, because I’m online a lot, and I’m a night owl too, I’ve been lucky to come across some work.

So far, I’ve made about $45.00 there this month, but I won’t receive any of what I’ve earned ’til March. I can wait.


So that’s me so far… 

I’m half thinking it would be nice to get a $500 month this month. Will keep my eyes open for possible opportunities to do so, but not push too much. If I make $500 this month, great. If not, the month’s still shaping up OK.

I ultimately want to be making $1000 online a month. And more. I have debts to heal. I want them gone by the end of this year, if not completely, then significantly. But I want to do it my way in terms of how I earn; mostly flexible is important to me.


Laters, y’all…

Miss Eb.