Survey Update…

I haven’t done too badly with surveys this year. Last year, I barely made $80 doing surveys, but this year I’ve made over $300 from it so far:

(Updated Dec 16th)

Jan – $69.82
Feb – $46.47
Mar – $15.60
Apr – $13.30
May – $13.89
Jun – $11.54
Jul – $65.92
Aug – $59.13
Sep – $17.94
Oct – $0.00
Nov – $22.43
Dec – $11.65

Total: $347.69

(Most payments were received in pounds. However, I’m used to dealing in dollars; hence the dollar reflection. I calculated the exchange rate at time of payment receipt.)


Pinecone Research$86.59 (£57.00)

Saros Research (focus group) – $51.96 (£35.00)

GlobalTestMarket$49.50 (£32.50) (though payout is $50, I was sent a chq in pounds. $49.50 was the dollar equiv when I rec’d the chq)

Home of Research$33.65 (£20.00) (i like the site but it takes FOREVER to reach payout. Don’t think I’ll be going back.)

MyVoice$28.66 (£20.00)

Toluna UK$17.00 (£10.00 discount voucher)

MySurvey UK$15.58 (£10.00)

Crowdology$14.30 (£8.79)

Wisad$13.12 (£8.00)

LightSpeed Panel (UK) – $10.84 (£7.00)

Ciao Surveys$9.85 (£6.00)

Indiefield$8.23 (£5.00)

Business school survey – $4.01 (£3.00) (not sure where I found this one so can’t put the link)

A.C.O.P$2.98 (£2.00)

OpinionWorld$1.42 (£1.00)

TOTAL: $347.69

The $500 Challenge…

I’m trying to see if I can make a total of $500 this year from surveys. I won’t be heartbroken if I don’t reach it, but it’s a challenge I’m setting myself nonetheless. I’d need to make $50 a month. My survey earnings tend to fluctuate (as you can see above) – I might make $15 in Sept, then make $45 the following month. It’s the way the cookie crumbles, but I’m curious to see if I can do it.

I’m beginning to dread doing surveys any longer than 15 minutes so that’s gonna be a challenge in itself. I find myself actually deleting them these days.

I’ve set up a twitter profile: Surveyosity. I’ll be updating my progress on a more frequent basis there.

Enjoy the rest of your week, y’all. Heave your dreams into it.

Too-doo-loo, tippity tip, Bob’s ya aunty…



  1. Annette

    Surveyosity? 🙂 Great name! The name invokes thoughts of a young, fun & funky brand identity.

    You go girl! With your creative self 🙂

  2. Ajith Edassery

    Good going with surveys… I see a downtrend since March but that seems to have recovered by July. Are we seeing a recovery from recession? Even the stock market trends, Ad CPM rates seem to indicate the same.

    I am also looking at the work online site

    Good luck!

  3. ebele


    I was thinking about you today. Good to hear from you. Must pass by your blog soon.

    re: the survey sites – it’s more of an upward trend ‘cos that’s when I reached payouts on certain sites (GlobalTestMarket, Home of Research).

    I wouldn’t recommend Work-Online, not at the rates they’re now paying. It’s entirely up to you though.

    take care now…

  4. drknlvly6781

    WTG girl on all your earnings from surveys. I have never earned that much in doing surveys, but then again, I don’t always have time to read the e-mails they send either lol.

    On another note, “Bob’s ya Aunty”? swear that sounds like something my family would say lol

  5. ebele

    Hi drknlvly6781 😉


    I’ve been on a survey hiatus for the past week…and I’m loving it!

    The emails are easy to read – it’s the surveys that can do your head in. I can just about take a 10 minute one. These days, 15 minutes is pushing it.

    Focus group surveys are real cool, though. I love those and they pay really well, just that I tend not to get a lot of them.

    re: Bob’s ya Aunty – can you imagine it on a t-shirt?! 🙂

    take care…thanks for passing through…and have a lovely week.

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