Survey Mad Review…

I said I’d write a review about Survey Mad soon, so TA NAAAAAAAAA! Here it is!


So what’s Survey Mad?

Contrary to what the name might suggest, to me it’s a GPT site, not a survey site. They do have several surveys you can attempt, but it’s definitely not all you can do there. Other things you can do include:

– completing Crowdflower tasks
– watching videos
– viewing certain sites
– signing up to offers


Who can join?

As far as I can tell, anyone can. There’s a minimum-age rule of 13 years though.


Points system…

Survey Mad rewards you in points. Each point is equivalent to 1 cent. The points are converted when you make a payment request.

What’s the minimum payout?

– 7 points ($0.07) if requested via manual Paypal withdrawal

– 10 points ($0.10) if requested via instant Paypal withdrawal

– 20 points ($0.20) if requested via Amazon voucher code. | (I don’t know if you get the same equivalent if you request an Amazon UK voucher)

– 75 points if requested via gift card. (I find that a bit confusing as you can request a 20 cent Amazon voucher code as mentioned above)

– 100 points ($1.00) if requested via Moneybookers.

(***Update: 22nd Jan – I think these are recent changes as I could have sworn the minimum Paypal withdrawal was 20 cents. Not a complaint obviously.)


Manual payments…

Your first payment has to be requested via Manual Withdrawal (under the Redeem tab). This takes up to 48 hours for it to be processed. Mine took less than that – I got it the next day.

I’m guessing Survey Mad insists on the first payment being manual as a security measure on their side. Possibly.


Automatic payments…

Once you’ve received your first manual payment, you can opt to receive future payments automatically – you receive your payment instantly. This only works for Paypal and gift card requests.

Survey Mad mentions you must also “be actively completing offers” to qualify for instant withdrawal request.

There wasn’t an option for me to make an instant withdrawal when I wanted to request a second payment, though I know I’d been active, so I requested a manual withdrawal. However, instant payments worked for me for subsequent payouts.

PayPal: For auto PayPal withdrawals, you can set the minimum you want your points balance to be to trigger automatic payouts. The absolute minimum you could put it down to is 10 points of course (‘cos of the minimum payout).

Gift cards: For auto gift cards, you have to send a support ticket for it to be set up. As I haven’t requested one myself, I don’t know how it works exactly.


When did I join Survey Mad?

27th Dec 2012.


How much have I cashed out?

$5.86 (as of 11th Jan 2013)


Other things you might want to know…

– only one Survey Mad account is allowed per household.

– log into your account once every 60 days in order for it to remain active.

– I love you. Do you love me?

– Kidding.

– Really. I’m kidding.

– Ahem.


What I think Survey Mad could work on…

– Move the Help link to a more visible position (to the top where it can be seen), instead of where it currently is (right at the very bottom in very small font).

– A few pages in the Help section are either empty or could do with a bit more content.

– Sometimes, the videos don’t credit after watching them. There are some reports of some surveys not crediting either.

– I found some of the paid-to-clicks a bit dodgy (can someone say pop-up window?) So I avoid them altogether.


Aaaaaand what I think it has going for it…

– A low minimum payout

– Instant payments for Paypal/gift card after your first manual.

– Relatively quick payment for manual withdrawals.

– Tasks that are relatively easy to do

– A chat section where members can talk to each other and (sometimes) to a moderator/admin. *update: 19th Jan: I take that bit back. Admin hasn’t been on chat since Jan 12th. Not impressed.



Survey Mad is an OK site. I haven’t had any significant problems with it. I don’t spend long there, I make a bit of money, I cash out regularly. I did read a thread on the MoneySavingExpert forums of a problem Survey Mad was having with instant PayPal payments, but that seemed to iron itself out before I joined. However, it’s something to bear in mind (read update below).

To my knowledge, the site’s relatively new, so my advice (if you plan to join it) is to not leave any earnings you make in there. Cash it out when you can. I tend to cash out on most sites once I reach the minimum regardless of their reputation, regardless of how long they’ve been around – because you just never know where they could be tomorrow or what rules they could change.

I can’t say how long I’ll be with Survey Mad ‘cos, well, you know, boredom is my middle name and all – but at least I’ve gotten a bit of change out of it and my fingers have birthed a review. 🙂




(UPDATE: 17th Mar – I don’t use Survey Mad anymore. Went off it. I’ve been using Gift Hunter Club instead. Prefer it.)


(UPDATE: 15th Jan – Survey Mad’s instant Paypal withdrawal option was offline on 13th/14th Jan with the following message: “We have temporarily ran out of instant funds. We recommend requesting manual withdrawals in the meantime until instant funds become available”. Yes, I did notice the typo, “we have ran out of funds”. Ahem.

I made a manual withdrawal instead and received my payment about 36 hrs later. However, the running out of instant funds made me cock a lil eyebrow, especially as it’s not the first time it’s appeared to have happened. No human is perfect and therefore no GPT is. Buuuuut, you know, if it’s happened before, why haven’t they learnt from that to ensure it doesn’t happen again? *cocks further brow*

Anyway, instant withdrawals are back online now.)


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