Survey Earnings: December, January, February…

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I generally find paid surveys easy to do, albeit sometimes long and boring. Doesn’t take a lot of brain power, just a bit of patience and honesty (and a glass of wine or some munchies for the real tedious ones).

I was already making a bit of money from surveys (about $80 last year) – but towards the end of last year, I set my mind on making more money from them. My thinking was if there were other good dependable survey sites out there that pay, then why not take advantage of them?

Which is what I did.

So far, my survey earnings over the past few months have been as follows:

December ’08 – $13.28
January ’09 – $69.82
February ’09 – $45.76

(p.s.: I actually received the above amounts in pounds. However, I’m so used to working online in dollars that it’s easier for me to add everything in dollars.)

I earned it from the following sites:

OpinionWorld – £5 ($7.36) – not a lot of paying surveys, but a few do pay.

American Consumer Opinion Panel – £2 ($2.98)

Pinecone Research – £15 ($22.00)

– LightSpeedPanel – £6 ($8.80)

Saros Research – £35 ($51.96) – focus group research – few & far between, but pays really well.

MySurvey UK – £5 ($7.10)

MyVoice – £20 ($28.66) – the surveys are quite enjoyable, actually.

(p.s.: Those were the pound-to-dollar exchange rates at the time I received payment.)


I’ll be writing a review along with proof of earnings about each of them (apart from LightSpeedPanel and Acop which I’ve more or less written about).


– Research a survey site THOROUGHLY before joining. is pretty good for reading up on some of the survey sites out there. Comments are left by people who’ve tried them.

– Don’t join every single survey site going. Cap it off at 10-12.

– After a while, you’ll notice the ones that are really working for you. Concentrate more on those. Get rid of the ones that are extremely inactive (decide whether it’s worth holding on to them ’til you reach payout and then cutting them loose – or whether it’s not worth waiting).

– Commit to spending up to an hour a weekday doing surveys. No more than that. Ok, 2 hours tops. Point is, don’t spend all your time online doing surveys.

– In my opinion, weekends and surveys tend not to mix. I don’t get that many surveys at the weekends, so don’t worry if you don’t either.

– A lot of survey sites will notify you as soon as there’s a survey available. But some won’t. In the case of the latter, it’s up to you to log on to their site to see if there are any surveys available.

Ok, that’s me done.

Have a great weekend, y’all.


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