Sunday …with cherries on top…

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Big Mama had a lovely day yesterday. Oh yes siree!

Woke up late, switched on the computer and wrote 2 articles. Tidied up the flat a bit and (SHOCK. HORROR.) made myself some lunch. Can’t remember the last time the cooker felt any heat. Poor cooker – if it could hobble out the balcony and jump off it, it would. It must have been thinking ‘what the hell?’ when I switched it on yesterday.

Cooker: Who are you? Please identify yourself.

Me: Oh, don’t be silly. It’s me. I bought you 7 years ago, remember?

Cooker: …erm, no…I don’t. Now who the fuck are you?

Pigsback sent me a free sample I requested a while ago – a Radox Shower Smoothie. God, it smelt so yummy yummy yummy.

Then I went to the internet cafe for a couple of hours.

And that was my day, folks: chilled out, mellow, kinda la-la-la. I can’t remember having a Sunday that chilled out in a while. I’d been so busy that I’d forgotten what it was like to slow down.

Have a lovely week, people. Last week of October. Let’s make it count.



  1. Wayne Saliba

    lol, my cooker knows where your one is coming from, been somce time since i turned it on lol, anyways sounds like you had a right Lazy day sounds like one of the best well i know they are my best days lol,

    Thanks for the comments on my post on my site, last thing i just love the name of this site i laugh about it every time i come on and see the name lol

  2. 2ThePoint

    Hi again, Wayne 🙂

    I cooked again last night. There’s still hope for me and my cooker yet! I can cook – it just takes me a while to get round to it.

    re: the comments – you’re welcome!

    Yes ‘Get Paid to Fart’ came about in a moment of creative madness.

    …and it stuck 🙂

    take care…

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