Soooo the Plan Is…

Uhm, at this point, I don’t actually know.


I know I don’t wanna go back to freelance writing. I’ve had some great clients; it’s not them. It’s just not for me.

I’ve left and returned to freelance writing a few times. I’m done fighting my resistance to it. I’m just gonna accept that for whatever reason, it’s not for me. Being able to apply a skill doesn’t mean it’s the skill I should or want to apply. Finding a pair of gloves that fit doesn’t mean I’ll like the colour.

So I’m shutting the door on that. Not throwing away the key. But shutting the door, locking it and hiding the key where I’ll forget I hid it. Maybe drop it down the toilet or something. 🙂

The only things I’m doing online at the mo’ are blog commenting, writing for my one remaining client (once a week) and using two GPTs (GiftHunterClubSwagbucks; mostly the former). I took a break from the commenting and GPTs, but recently went back to them. I don’t really want to be doing any of these by the end of the year. I need to step things up – just don’t quite know what that step is yet.




  1. Young Work At Home Moms

    Writing can become tiring at times. I plan to ease away from it gradually by making more money from my Giveaway blog, affiliate marketing, and a part time job outside of the home. However, before I can do this I need to be able to transform those things into a full time income. The income I make online is great for getting things taken care of. I just want to boost this income when I switch gears.

    • miss eb.

      Hi 🙂

      You work incredibly hard at writing, so I can imagine it getting tiring for you sometimes. I have every confidence you’ll be just as amazingly successful with the Giveaway blog, aff marketing, along with the part-time job – allowing you to ease back on the writing.

      take care…

      ebele. x

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