Sloooooow Month…

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I was aiming to make $500 this month, but with a few drops of July left, I’ll be lucky to make $300, let alone anywhere near $500.

I’m on $235 at the mo’.

Ah well, ‘tis zee way zee cookie crumbles at times.

I think I took my mind off the ball somewhat this month. I haven’t been looking for additional celebrity blogs to write for, neither have I been on the lookout for paranormal ones.

I decided to let go of one of the celebrity blogs I was writing for – the film/celebrity one – the one where the pay wasn’t that great. Though it’s a polished site and the staff are really friendly, the low pay was starting to eat away at me. I didn’t feel good about it. So I let it go.

The other two celebrity sites: SITE 1 – well, first I was meant to write a handful of posts/articles (which was what was advertised). But then it progressed to getting other parts of the site up and running. I didn’t mind doing the latter as it’s all experience. However, I only charged for the writing, so over time I was effectively doing stuff I wasn’t getting paid for. I did a couple of things for free, but after a while I was doing more than what I initially charged for, so I had to speak up. Lovely client. He had no qualms and paid up.

Not sure where I am with that particular site at the mo’. Doing a little bit every now and then, but I’d hoped that regular income would come from the blogging, which ain’t really happening.

SITE 2 – My favourite blog, the one where I get to be as sarcastic and opinionated as I like, well that’s kinda slowed down too. I tend to put posts up in draft, then the client does what he needs to do before he uploads. However, because he’s been so busy over the past month, he hasn’t been doing that. I therefore don’t create as many posts as I could.

So, yeah, it’s been a bit of a slow month. Need to kick my ass into touch and find an additional blogging gig. As well as that, I’d really like a non-writing gig that pays fairly well, one that doesn’t require too much brain power. CloudCrowd could possibly fall into that category, but I don’t wanna rely on it as tasks aren’t always available, plus there’s a chance I might one day whoopsiedoo spectacularly on a task, get a slap on the wrist credibility-wise and not be able to work on particular tasks, which would mean less potential to earn there. (UPDATE: 29th Jul – That ‘one day’ has unfortunately arrived. I attempted a task I’d never done before and received a huge credibility hit (100 down to 25), which means there aren’t that many tasks I can now do. I shouldn’t have attempted it if I wasn’t 100% sure – I can’t wholeheartedly say that I was. I should have stuck to the tasks I was good at. But ah well, no point deliberating over a past I can’t change. One door closes, another one opens and all that.)

Onwards and upwards, methinks…


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