September Earnings…

I’m gonna get straight to it. I made $134.42. I believe my low earnings reflect my on-off relationship with my main income source: freelance writing (which has never been a particular passion of mine). I’ve come to a point where I need to make a decision – either stick with freelance writing, embrace it and make it work for me – or stop doing it completely.

Earnings Breakdown…

Freelance writing – $48.00

IM Report Card$31.55: Still think this is a great information resource and a cool money earner.

Earnawad£15.00 ($24.85): cashback site.

Proofreading – $10.45: I don’t get enough of these, but I love doing them.

Ciao Surveys£6.00 ($9.85): Took me incredibly long to cash out on this one, so I won’t be continuing.

Pinecone Research£3.00 ($4.86): I thought Pinecone had forgotten about me as I didn’t get any surveys in August, so it’s cool I got one.

gfk (WISAD)£2.00 ($3.23): This is a survey site. Each month, I complete one survey and qualify for a prize draw. I won two £1 shopping vouchers last month.

Neobux$1.63: I’m not using Neobux anymore and I don’t miss it one bit, but this is the profit I made from the $5.00 I invested (cashed out $6.63 in total).

Total – $134.42

I definitely need to pull my finger out this month. Less thinking, more doing, methinks.

Have a productive month, people.



  1. Make Money Online Free

    hey it’s a hundred and something bucks you didn’t have before so it’s still cool 🙂

    I’m sure you can find some use to put that money to 😉

    Keep up the great work and good luck for an even better month of october!


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