September 2011: Online Earnings…

Hello peoploids 🙂 How’s it going? How’s it haaaaaanging?

Well September was kinder to me than August was. August was plain adamant on being remembered for the month in which I made less than $100. But still, that was cool’ish ‘cos I was doing OK offline, so there was less pressure to work my keyboard to the bone.


I made $186.31 online in September, with most of it coming from the celebrity blog writing I do. I’d also been chasing a former blog client for payment for some time, and was eventually paid. I wasn’t owed much, but it was the principle of it. I’ve done the work, so pay me.


(any figures in pounds means it’s how I was initially paid.)

– Blog writing: $171.93

– Review writing: $5.00

– Pinecone Research (survey): $4.74 (£3.00)

Cashle: $3.44 (GPT site) (read review here)

QuickRewards Network: $1.09 (GPT site) (more about QuickRewards)

CloudCrowd$0.11 (not doing CloudCrowd anymore. Earned this from referrals.) (more about CloudCrowd)

Total: $186.31


I have none. Gonna go whichever way the wind blows this month, to be honest. My heart’s not totally in the online-earning thing, but that’s OK, I get like that sometimes, and this is such an occasion. I’m cyclical like that.

Anyhoo, hope y’all have a lovely October. We had a couple days of amazingly hot weather in most parts of the UK from like Thursday to Monday, but it’s back to cold, wet and miserable now, just the way I like it 🙂   Just kidding. My feet are fer-reezing. You wouldn’t think the sun was so bold some days go.

Ah well.


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