Sept Earnings: Broke Thru the $400/mth Barrier…and Then Some :-)

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This month has been challenging. Trying to juggle this new job with working online has been something. I (still) don’t have an internet connection at home (someone else’s fault) and I now don’t have a phone connection (my fault). Whereas my sister’s been really good to let me hop on their internet over the past couple of months (and I love her for it), I no longer have that access.

So I’ve been using an internet cafe for the past week or two. I tried cutting down on costs by searching for the cheapest one I could find and I found a 24hr place where you can buy 10 hrs for £5 which is cool. Only snag is it’s about a 45min journey from me. There’s a bus that goes straight to my new job from the cafe, so what I’ve started doing is getting to the cafe really late, then working online til about 5am, then taking a bus from there to work.

So far, it’s working (especially as I’m a night owl).

Apart from some people snoring on the keyboard in the early hours of the morning, the guy at the counter who tried chatting me up the other day, and the constant noise outside, everything’s honkey-dorey!


Ok, I’m gonna stop rambling now. How much did I make last month? Drum roll, please…

Big Momma made $493.08 in September, baby! Uh-huh.

I know I usually say that whatever I make, it’s all good, but I really wanted to kick some $400 butt this time especially as I came so close to it in August.

So yeah, I’m happy with that 🙂

Have a great month, people – Octoberfy the hell out of it!



  1. HitSam

    … he he, funny post, funny blog too. Bet ya’ can’t wait to get connected at home. Then again, maybe you’ll miss the counter guy at the cafe! :-p

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