Selling This Blog and/or Domain: Serious Buyers Only

I’m ready to let go of this blog and the domain name. I let go a few months ago. It’s not where my interest lies anymore. I’m doing something else that’s really important to me.

The great part is that the blog’s ended on a high note. Not only did I hit a $500 month in September ($586.72), I also repeated it in October ($516.60). I’m happy about that as it had been years since I made that much online in a month. It’s a cool way to close the book.

If you’re interested in buying this blog and/or domain, get in touch with me:

me (at) getpaidtofart (dot) com

All the best to you all for what’s left of the year, and have a great 2015 whatever you choose to do.

Miss Eb.

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