See ya, Pickjack…

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Quick Recap:

Pickjack is a site that pays you to create & answer multiple-choice questions. I joined it in early January, really enjoyed the Q & A thang and wrote a detailed review about it. Though I had my reservations about how they operated, I thought I’d see how the rest of the month went.


I get bored of stuff easily. So, as much as I initially enjoyed creating and answering questions on Pickjack, my honeymoon period with it was over within a couple of weeks. I found that once I got over the euphoria of creating Q & A’s, there was really nothing else to keep me there. Not even the money (of which there really wasn’t much).

So, although I mentioned in my review that I’d wait ’til the end of January, I honestly couldn’t wait for it to come round.

Ok, let’s put the boredom part down to me and the way I’m built. However, there were aspects of Pickjack that didn’t sit well with me. These were the same reservations I had about them when I first joined and, in my view, I don’t think those reservations were cleared up while I was there.

1) Pickjack seemed to be into the habit of changing their payout dates at the very last minute (without an explanation).

2) On 3 separate occasions, I received emails from them confirming that I’d been paid and that the money was in my Paypal account. However, it would be hours and sometimes days before I actually saw the payment in Paypal. I didn’t quite understand why PJ did that and why they didn’t try to solve it (or give members some kind of explanation).

3) Earnings can be pretty erratic. They can go up or down – sometimes sharply – and sometimes it can be regardless of how active you’ve been on the site. There’s really nothing on Pickjack’s site explaining this activity.

Quite a few Pickjack members are also myLot members. I mentioned in my review that every payment period, PJ assigns a set pot of money so the more active you are, the more of a cut you get. However, this was actually an explanation I found on a myLot discussion, not on Pickjack’s site. A myLot member had sent PJ an email and that was the reply he/she received from them.

4) I had at least one person who joined through my referral link. It didn’t appear to show up in my PJ account though.

5) PJ don’t appear to have a central way of updating its members when there are problems. Wouldn’t it take a simple ‘News’ page on their site to do that?


If I hadn’t gotten bored with Pickjack, then the way they appear to do things would have put me right off and I would have moved on anyway.

Until they improve (for which I don’t plan on sticking around to find out), I can’t in all honesty recommend them – even if there can be a fun element to using it.

There are mixed views about Pickjack out there. Some love using it, some don’t – and some are just downright confused by it. My personal opinion is I think PJ needs to get its act together so that all members have a pleasurable experience, not just some. (a part of me thinks they actually thrive on the confusion).

Mama says have a great weekend, y’all. That’s an order.



  1. Ajith Edassery

    Hey, this damn thing is pissing me off as well. Last week of so without doing anything my earnings went close to a dollar. Then it started coming down…went all the way down to 20 cents of so. Now it’s rising again and standing at around 60 cents. I never understood how the calculation takes place.

    And you are right about the payment frequency. Suddenly they changed it.

    In my place PJ stands for ‘Poor Joke’. befitting for PickJack? 😛

  2. 2ThePoint

    Dare I ask what the ‘F’ means?!!

    I guess we’ll just put PJ down to experience and chalk it off. They did initially appear to have a good fun thing going though. Ah well.

    take care…

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