Right, I’m Sending Out the Cookie Monster to Go Gobble Up the People Who Owe Me Money…

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cookie monster
Yeah, the Cookie Monster might not look scary, but he’ll crush you in a heart beat.

Try looking in the mirror and saying his name 7 times. You’ll see.

I’m not perfect. I’ve got bills coming out of my ears.

But what’s making the sHituation a whole lot worse is that I’m OWED money too.

It wouldn’t pay all my bills if all the people that owed me coughed up

…but it would help.

Heck yeah, it would help.

So who owes me money, ey?

Workshop: £500
In November, I mentioned I wanted to go back to running workshops once or twice a month as the money’s really good and it would support my online thang. Well, soon as I thought it, it kinda just fell into my lap. Got an email to run a creative-writing workshop in a school in mid-December – over 3 days. Was real cool. Loved it.

But I’m still waiting for the cheque. And that sucks, y’all. Really sucks. Some schools are kinda sluggish like that.

Website Research: £35
I did some one-to-one research through a London-based company I’ve been a panel member of for some time. I hardly qualify for their research panels so I was quite chuffed when they called me out of the blue for one. The research was only for half an hour too. They’re lovely people, but unfortunately, I haven’t been paid because the person who dishes out the payments is sick. (UPDATE – 19th Jan: the money came thru today)

myLot: $11.47
myLot is an online paid-to-post forum. I use it on and off, which is why it took me a while to reach the minimum $10 payout. They pay out every mid-month or so, so I was due a payment around 15th Jan. A couple of days before payout was due, one of the admins sent me an email asking me to change my initial (on my payment details) to my full name which I did fairly quickly. However, they changed my pay date from mid-Jan to mid-Feb, so although I haven’t lost the money, it would have come in handy sooner rather than later. That could have covered my hosting cost for this month.

An Affiliate Payment: about $7.50
Ok, it’s not a lot, but I sold someone’s product as an affiliate and I’m still waiting for that too. (UPDATE – 22nd Jan: been paid)

Altogether, I make that £535 and $18.97 which would SO do me right now.


Not a happy bunny.



  1. Hindleyite

    Do you generally get a lot of money for the workshops? I’ve been considering Multimedia Arts workshops myself and am trying to assess how successful they might be.

    Cheers! 🙂

  2. 2ThePoint

    Hi Hindleyite,

    I don’t run workshops as regularly, but yes, when I do, I get good money for it – about £150 for a half school day and £250-£300 for a whole day.

    I’ve gotten most of mine through arts organisations or people I know.

    Hmm…multimedia arts workshops. Wouldn’t mind going on one of those myself. I could tell you all the arts orgs I know of. Maybe that would help you. Email me.

    take care…

  3. 2ThePoint

    Dawn 🙂

    He’s much much much meaner now he’s not getting his regular sugar fix. George Bush has got nothing on him.

    Watch out, Obama. The Cookie Monster’s coming for ya.

  4. Mike Perry

    Getting money in can be a problem but I’ve never tried the cookie monster approach!

    myLot are okay. I’ve had money from them several times and it’s always been on time.

    Good luck with your ‘debt collecting’


  5. 2ThePoint

    Oooh, Cookie Monster is worse than the Mafia, I tell ya.

    myLot doesn’t get an Oscar for being my best earner ever, but it does get me quite a bit of traffic.

    Thanks for the luck. I’m still waiting for the blooming cheque.

    Weekend’s coming up – have a good one, Mike.

    …and thanks for passing through.

    take care…

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