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(update 2013: this site no longer exists, neither does PrizeLive.)

Free UK Pounds is the new sister site of Both sites pay their members to complete offers, surveys, etc. But the difference between the two is whereas Prize Live is for international members, Free UK Pounds is specifically for UK members.

I found out about Free UK Pounds via an email I received from Prize Live. (I have a Prize Live account, you see)

So, being the curious so-and-so I was, I decided to join and see what it was about for myself. So far, this is what I know:

– anyone can join, but only UK members can complete offers

– though non-UK members can’t complete offers, they can earn money by referring new members (UK members, I’m assuming)

– UK members can also earn by referring

– the referral commission is 10% of referrals’ earnings

– minimum payout is £0.01 (via Paypal)

– the first time you request payment, it’s done manually by the owner, so it takes a bit of time. I got mine within hours of requesting it.

– after your very first request, subsequent requests are paid automatically. I’ve tested both processes and it’s true (in my experience, anyway). The minute I requested payment, I checked my inbox and the Paypal notification of payment was already there.

– you can only request payment once every 24 hours.

– for UK members: some offers pay in points. Each point is equivalent to £0.01; the points can be converted to cash. Minimum to convert is 1 point.


Proof of Payments…
(I’m not that into GPTs, so my earnings are reflective of that. I avoided doing surveys or downloading stuff. But signed up to a couple of sites, searched on a few others, which was pretty quick and painless.) (Click on images to view larger size)


I’ve never joined a GPT site in its infancy, so it’ll be interesting to see how Free UK Pounds develops over the coming months. As it’s an offshoot of Prize Live (which has been around since 2008), I deem that to be a strong advantage to its growth and sustainability. We’ll see. For now, the site’s relatively quiet, but I suspect it’ll get busier as word gets round about it.


So far, So OK…

Free UK Pounds pays. Compared with several other GPTs, it has a very low minimum payout, plus it pays instantly.

Since the site’s very new, it only has just over 100 offers for its members to complete. However, saying that, there aren’t a lot on its offers list that I haven’t seen before on one GPT site or the other. The main difference though, is that this caters wholly to UK members, which some might think is great as some GPTs tend to cater more to US members.

Another pro is the fact that the site pays in pounds. Some people prefer getting paid in pounds as it converts to more in dollars.


UPDATE – 21st Nov 2011: I noticed some offers I’m attempting aren’t converting. It goes into pending, then disappears. Also, the admin hasn’t been very communicative in the chatbox over the past week or two. Some members are asking questions in chat that admin isn’t answering. /// I’m still earning a trickle. I tend to do the ones that take less than a minute to complete – a penny here, a penny there.

Not overly impressed with the comm side of things and offers not converting — but not hugely disappointed either; I never joined the site believing it was going to inflate my bank balance beyond all recognition.


Conclusion: Zzzzzzzzzz…

As at Dec 30th 2011, and at least for a month before that, not much has been happening on FreeUKPounds apart from offers being posted up (presumably by admin). There’s a chatbox, but chat activity is very low. Admin’s still unresponsive to questions in chat. Plus some offers aren’t resolving. I did two offers recently, which went into pending, then POOF, disappeared into thin air. I’m really not using the site that much anymore.

Verdict: Maybe it’ll pick up next year, but for now it’s very boring, inactive, with unresponsive admin. What more could you not ask for.

UPDATE – JUNE 2012: The site’s on a hiatus while they work on improving it. It needs it. Hope the new version will be better. Will have a look around and feedback here once it’s up and running.



  1. Anonymous

    when I register, they ask me a security code.So I entered 6 numbers. but they tell me “The security code provided is invalid”. I don’t know what to do.
    can you help me?

  2. ebele

    Hi Anon,

    Sorry you’re having problems. Maybe the security code is case sensitive. Have you tried entering it EXACTLY as it appears? If you’ve done that, then unfortunately there’s no email address available for the site, just a contact form, and you need to be logged in for that.

    Maybe you could contact Prizelive, because FreeUKPounds is an offshoot of theirs. Prizelive has a support desk here:

    Create a ticket there and let them know what’s up.

    Take care…

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