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(update: this review is based on a site that no longer exists. I think gave up the ghost some time ago. There is a site called and it kinda reminds me of, but without further research on my part, I don’t really know if both sites are one and the same.)

Realbux pays you to visit advertisers’ sites.

– Once you’ve viewed an advertiser’s site for 30 seconds, a green tick appears (in the upper left-hand corner of the page), meaning that you’ve successfully completed the task and will be credited.

– If you visit more than one website at the same time, you get no credit.

– You don’t get paid for viewing the same site twice – I tried that and it gave me a red cross the 2nd time round. (maybe it works if you visit the same site the following day – I’m not sure.)

– You have the choice (once you reach the minimum payout) of converting your accumulated earnings to cash or to your own ads on Realbux’s site.


$0.0015 (1.5cents) per site you visit.


Is $3. So you’d have to visit 200 sites to reach it.

(Once you request payment, they pay you via Paypal within 7 working days).


To be honest, I found a lot of the sites crap and misleading. For instance, I decided to click on the links that looked remotely interesting – I clicked on one about ‘Alternative Medicine’ – and it took me to a list of links about ‘Home Equity Loans’. I thought ‘ok, maybe that’s just a mistake, stuff happens’, so I clicked on a different link about ‘VolleyBall’ and it took me to a list of links about ‘Pets’.

Hmm, do you see a pattern here?

Ok, one last chance, let’s learn about ‘Chess Tactics’. Whoops, what does ‘Air Purifier’ have to do with ‘Chess’?


1) It’s free to join (so you’re risking nothing financially).

2) It’s open to international users

3) I found it very easy and quick to register

4) Once I registered, I was able to start straight away. Literally.

5) You get paid every time you view an advertiser’s site

6) Once you reach the minimum payout, you can request a payment at any time

7) They pay you within 7 days which isn’t bad going as some get-paid-to programs pay a lot slower.

8) They use Paypal which is pretty common to a lot of users. (not all though)

9) They have a 100% referral program – so if you refer someone to Realbux and s/he decides to join, you get paid 1.5cents for every site that person visits.


1) Quite a few links you click on to open up the advertisers’ sites are misleading and irrelevant. When I click on a link titled ‘Chess Tactics’, I expect to see just that, not a page with a multitude of never-ending links about ‘Air Purifiers’.

2) Clicking on 200 mostly crap sites could potentially boil my brain. And it did. (And that was only 20 sites.)

3) Clicking on 200 mostly crap sites for a total of $3 (£1.50) will just about pay for the aspirin to cool down my boiled brain. Money I could have used for ice-cream. Darn.

4) If you’re not a fan of pop-up windows, LOOK AWAY NOW.

….each click on an advertiser’s link opens up a new window.

5) The links don’t change colour – so you can’t actually tell which ones you’ve clicked on.

6) Realbux really need to proofread their site.

7) So far, there seem to be a limited number of links you can click on – there are under 20 each day.


Realbux is not for me. For you, it might be. But then, it might not. Either way, it’s your call.

I, for one, plan to call it a day. I’d rather count air.


  1. Terry

    Hi there,

    You made the right decision with RealBux. getting paid 1.5 cents per read is awful, especially when you put it into perspective – say you can manage one click a minute over 20 ads (any more and your head will explode) and work it out on a “per hour” basis.

    That’s a grand total of 90 cents an hour. Better to get a “job” as a street beggar – they earn more than that!


    – Terry

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