Pssst. I’ve joined Neobux. Again.

Yep. I have.

My mind was going: “gurl, what the f*ck are you doing?”

But my body was going: “Mmmmmm, Neobuuuuuux”.

And so I joined. In the dead of night. With nothing to stop me. Except “gurl, what the f*ck are you doing?” going off in my head. Which I soooo drowned out with tacky pop music, chocolate and mantric repetitions of “Mmmmmm, Neobuuuuuux”.

I’ve almost reached the minimum payout ($2.00).

It’s just a dream.

It’s just a dream.

I’ll wake up and it would all have been a dream.

Correction: I’ll wake up next to Denzel Washington and it would all have been a dream.

Join Neobux today. I promise I won’t tell anyone. Your secret’s safe with me… and the milkman…and my best friend…’cos I tell her everything… except when I broke her favourite cup and blamed it on the cat.



  1. ebele

    Neobux? Related to eating chocolate? I’d buy shares there if that were the case 🙂

    Thanks for passing by.

    Have a great weekend. Keep your friends close, and your cups even closer.

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