PickJack and the Sexy Quiz Mistress…

img credit: s-a-m

Starring Big Mama herself

aka 2ThePoint

aka TickTacToe

aka Sexy Quiz Mistress (SQM)

with her purple 2000-inch fuck-me heels

dark tortoise-shell glasses

and Jackie Onassis wig.

Pulling questions and answers out of her ass with aplomb
…and getting paid for it.

Her new SugarDaddy in question?

They call him Jack. Mr Pickjack.

2ThePoint’s imaginary friend: Ok, lady, stop with the role-play already.

2ThePoint: Why should I?

2ThePoint’s imaginary friend: Because you’re the only one having fun.

2ThePoint: go away

Imaginary friend: go dry-hump your shadow

2ThePoint: Idiot.

Imaginary friend: deluded bitch

2ThePoint: ghost wannabe.

Imaginary friend: Angelina Jolie wannabe.

2ThePoint: Ass wipe.

Imaginary friend: Freak.

2ThePoint: Douche bag.

Imaginary friend: Butterfly poo.

(img credit: purpleslog)

Pickjack is my new mini-hobby! I stumbled across it last week and it’s becoming a mild obsession!

How it works…

You get paid to ask and answer multiple-choice questions. You also get paid according to the number of ratings your questions get.

Most of the questions are connected – if you answer a question correctly, you have the option to ask a new question but it has to be related to the one you’ve just answered. Once you’ve asked 10 questions, you get the chance to ask a top (unrelated) question on any topic of your choosing – like pumping new blood into the group of questions.

How much does it pay per question?

Well, it apparently doesn’t work like that.

Earnings are shared according to how active you are on the site.

Pickjack assigns a set amount of funds to a particular period of time. The more active you are, the more of the cut you get for that period. Therefore, your earnings can peak or dip overnight if you have or haven’t been recently active.

I don’t think Pickjack explain this particularly well on their site, which merely leads to confusion. Here’s what it says on their FAQ page:

“You earn money based on how many questions you submit and how well other members rate your questions. The goal is to be the top money earner by writing the best, most relevant questions.”

Is there a minimum payout?

Yep. 5 cents.

Payment method?


When do they pay?

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure.

When I log on, it has the next payment date on my member page. But that date has changed several times so I don’t know. For January’s payment, first the date was Jan 5th, then 6th, then Jan 7th. I got paid on Jan 7th.

The next payment date, for now, is Jan 21st (and they’ve said it won’t change. We’ll see.)

How much have I earned so far?

Well, b/w Jan 3rd (the date I first joined) and Jan 7th, I earned 32 cents. I honestly can’t remember how many questions I’d answered at that point. Sexy Quiz Mistress was having too much fun!!


I have my reservations about Pickjack. The fact that their pay dates were unstable bothers me a bit. Actually, it’s not so much the date shifts that bother me. It’s more how they dealt with it. For 2 days, they didn’t update their members on what was going on and only sent an apology in the Custom Note section of the Paypal payments that were made (explaining the payment delay was due to technical difficulties and wouldn’t happen again).


It’s the lack of communication that I see as a potential problem.

(Update: 11th Jan – Their top balances are acting wonky at the moment and aren’t reflecting each member’s true earnings. They’ve promised to fix it, so we’ll see. // 14th Jan: It seems to be working now.)

Saying that, I do like their concept. A lot. It’s fun exercise for my brain – a bit like a crossword puzzle break, sotospeak! Reminds me of brainstorming sessions – how one idea can lead to another, then another, then another. The fun element far exceeds the money element but I’d rather get paid for something I enjoy doing than not.

I’ll probably tire of Pickjack soon enough, but for now, I’m glad I came across their site. Let’s hope (for their sakes) that they brush up on a thing or two. I’ll give them ’til the end of the month to see how it goes.





  1. Ajith Prasad Edassery

    This sounds interesting… Answering questions is my hobby and if that can pick a cent or two why not? I joined under your referral… thanks. Since it’s payout via PayPal it should come through I guess 😆

  2. 2ThePoint

    Hey, Dean – I didn’t even notice the mistake you made ’til pointed it out. In my head, I was thinking ‘men in white coats’.

    But anyway, you call ‘um …as long as they can bring along truckloads of chocolate with them :-0

    take care…

  3. Anonymous

    I received my payment from pickjack which is really appreciated – however I wish that they would fix the script so your earnings increase and not decrese – I wont use again until they sort it out

  4. 2ThePoint

    Anons and Ramzil,

    Thanks for your comments.

    Payment is one thing, communication is another and I have to say I feel Pickjack aren’t really improving particularly well in that area.

    take care…

  5. Moraelyn

    Nice article on PickJack, I’ve been trying to figure out why my balance has been dipping as of late. Kinda confused me, as I’ve never had a site that pays me, actually take money AWAY when I wasn’t using it 🙂

  6. 2ThePoint

    Hi Moraelyn,

    I was initially confused too. They’ve apparently been having technical problems of late so I think that’s impacting the earnings as well.

    I’m kinda getting bored with it anyway.

    take care and thanks for passing by the blog.

  7. Ajith Prasad Edassery

    How’s it going wrt PickJack. I guess, the key is to ask as many questions as possible that are linked. Did you figure out the success formula?

    I got my first payment and that was ‘pee nuts’ 🙂

    Btw, I want to consolidate four or five similar money makers for beginners and write about the same. Hope you don’t have any problem?

    As some others here pointed out when I wasn’t using it for three or four days the earnings reduced couple of cents per day.

  8. 2ThePoint

    Hi Ajith 🙂

    To be honest, if you’re looking to recommend programs, Pickjack wouldn’t be on my list as they’re not very stable in my view.


    Hi Doel,

    I agree. Pickjack can be enjoyable in terms of creating & answering questions. The payment really isn’t much to write home about, though – (I hope that’s not the part you’re referring to in terms of ‘great’).

    Thanks for your comments, you two…
    take care…

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