PayPerPost: An Easy $20 – Ya Tried It Yet?

What? You mean you’ll pay me $20 to blog about you?, Really? Jeez, ok then. Can I get a box of chocolates to go with that too?

Payperpost has been quite the buzzword on the lips of the blogosphere for some time now. Quite the teacher’s little pet with freckles.

Here’s how it works:

Advertisers recognise the power bloggers have to spread the word – about time, I say. These advertisers need bloggers to express their opinions about their products, web sites, services. So blogger writes, and blogger gets paid. Company gets exposure. Company smiles. The end.

Payperpost is the platform where all this happens.

In order to join Payperpost, your blog has to be at least 3 months old (it’s since changed to 30 days old), plus you have to have at least 20 posts on your blog (it’s since changed to 10 posts). You can add as many blogs as you like, but you have to have written 10 approved posts on an approved blog before you can add another one. There’s also a limit to how many sponsored posts you can take on per blog per day.

I joined Payperpost with one of my other blogs which fits the above criteria. My ‘Get Paid To’ blog isn’t old enough neither does it have enough posts, but as soon as it does, it’ll DEFINITELY be applying to PPP.

Once your blog is approved, the first task you’re set is quite easy – to spread the word about Payperpost on your blog (why you joined, why you like it, etc). And for that, they pay $20 (£10)! $20 is definitely not to be sniffed at, not in my books anyway.

From the time you accept the task, you have 6 hours to complete it. When you’ve completed and submitted the task, it’s usually reviewed and approved for payment within 2-3 days unless PPP are receiving high traffic.

So I did the first task – and sure enough, I did get paid! Yay! As long as your task has been approved, you get paid (via Paypal), about a month after your completed task is submitted.

Apart from the initial $20 offer for blogging about PPP, current payment per task ranges from $5 to $235.

There are lots of blogging opportunities on PPP ranging from sites and hotel reviews, to blogging about Xmas, garages, mortgages, romance and smashed pennies. Some of these opps look like mad fun!

But I found that out of several opps, only a handful were available to me – ranging from $5 to $8 per task – it does add up though as there were about 16 tasks at the time – amounting to about $85 in total. I’m not sure how the amount of tasks available to each blogger is worked out by PPP – maybe it depends on a combination of how many posts you’ve completed, how good your posts are, how high your blog ranks and where you live – however, I decided that for the specific blog I’d submitted, most of the available opportunities would have been out of place. I did make a very easy $20 and like I said, once this blog fits the PPP criteria, I plan to submit it for approval as it seems to be more in line with some of the blogging opportunities available on PPP. Hopefully, it’ll be accepted. I’ll keep y’all posted.

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  1. maria

    I was thinking about joining PPP as well, but my blog is a mere few weeks old. I’ve heard good things about it and can’t wait to see what it’s all about.

  2. 2ThePoint


    The rules seem to have changed now. You can now apply if your blog is 30 days old with a minimum of 10 posts, so you might be able to join earlier than you think.

    take care…

  3. Anonymous

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