Online October: Big Mama’s Earnings…

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October was a bit mad. I moaned about my offline job a couple of times, wanted to pack it in a few times, got writer’s block smack-bang in the middle of an impending deadline, and consumed about 75% of the UK’s total caffeine intake.

I made $791.27 online in October.

Not sure it’s completely sunken in for me yet.

It was mostly earned through web writing, but there was also a new kid on the block – GlobalTestMarket – which earned me $50 (worth a bit less than that by the time I got the £28.03 cheque they sent me).

Proof of Payment…

(p.s.: Two payments aren’t reflected in my Paypal account ‘cos:

1) GlobalTestMarket sent me a cheque. It’s the only way they pay, unfortunately.

2) One of my clients started paying me straight into my bank account

Will post up proof of payment for those two when I can.)

$791.27 is nowhere near the $2000/month I hope to be making one day, but it’s helping me visualise my target figure a lot more (as well as helping pay some bills).


I have a client who’s an absolute sweetheart. I enjoy working for him and feel quite fortunate to have him on my books. However, he’s my highest-paying client and accounts for over half of my monthly online income.

That scares me a bit.

Therefore, I’d like to get more clients onboard this month. Regular clients. To redress the balance (as well as inch closer to my $2k/mth target).

Two or three more clients would be good. At good rates, too. If they can offer a rate as close to the rate my highest-paying client’s currently paying me (and preferably more), then I’m good to go, baby! Easier said than done – but possible.

At the moment, though stressful, my part-time offline job and my web writing job complement each other financially. However, I’m really looking to replace one with the other (and therefore quit my offline job). I wanna do that SO bad. I dislike being a part of the 9-5 world, even on a part-time basis.

Getting extra writing clients onboard would mean I’d be able to move away from that.

So, wish me luck. We’ll see how much hugging November gives out.

Have a good month, people. Make it shine jello.

I’m out,



  1. Ajith Prasad Edassery

    Holy …!!! So things are improving big time, huh.

    Btw, I am taking part in the ‘Blogging Idol’ competition and currently reasonably trailing :roflmao: Would be great if you can subscribe to my feed using ur email ids and/or feed reader.


  2. Annette

    Hi 🙂

    I signed up with GTM following your review. They awarded me 10 points for completing a ‘Basic’ survey. It only took 2 minutes to complete! Thanks for the recommendation! Good luck with your earning goals this month. I have set myself a similar target.

  3. 2ThePoint

    Hello Annette! 🙂

    Congrats on joining GTM. I guess you’ll be, ahem, buying me a box of choccies when you hit payout (nudge, nudge. wink, wink)

    If I had an internet connection at home, I’d be spending more time doing GTM surveys, but for now, I’m doing very few even though I receive at least 5 a week. It’s definitely something to consider sticking to for a bit if you want a chunk of pocket money every few months or so. Spending an hour a day should return something (that’s what I plan on doing anyway once my connection’s back up).

    take care, lovely…

  4. Dean Saliba

    Well done on your monthly amount. I sure as soon as you get your broadband sorted out at hom you’ll be able to earn a lot more.

    Like Ajith I entered Blog Idol II and I’m currently 40th! WOO!

    Thanks for the comments on my blog. 🙂

  5. 2ThePoint

    Hi there, Dean,

    Yeah, I can’t wait. It’ll be a welcome change from using the internet cafe.

    Hey, you’ve gone up to no.38! I’m gonna subscribe to your blog in a mo’.

    take care…

  6. Ajith Prasad Edassery

    Thanks for the support on the Blogging Idol front though nothing great is happening to bloggers like me… People have managed to increase their RSS counts by the order of 500-600 🙂

    I hope that I end up somewhere in the first 30 or 40 at least…


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