Online Earnings: Nov/Dec 2014

I didn’t make as much as I did in Sept and Oct as I wrapped things up with my remaining clients. There are a few things I’ve been focusing on over the past couple of months – life projects. That’s also my focus for 2015.

I was gonna let this blog go, but with no buyers, it’s making me consider whether I want to let it float off into the ether. I’m leaning towards renewing it for another year. Not really sure how much I’ll update it. I’ll just leave it open and see.

With the year I’m planning, I’ve come to the conclusion I’ll be better suited to online gigs I can dip in and out of, that don’t have a deadline or a schedule. The other proofreading gig I mentioned months ago is therefore perfect for that. I can log on when I want, wait for work, do what comes up, reach minimum payout – get paid. If I can find one or two other gigs like that, that would be great.

Anyhoo, my earnings in November and December:

Nov 2014: $179.44…

 – Blog commenting: $95.80

 – Proofreading: $45.20

 – Transcript editing: $38.44

 – Gift Hunter Club (task-based site): $2.00


Dec 2014: $101.55…

(any figure in brackets means it’s the currency in which it was received. I convert that to dollars in the earnings breakdown as I get paid mostly in that currency, and because it makes it easier for me to add everything up.)

 – Transcript editing: $57.36

 – Proofreading: $18.50

 – Surveys: $15.41 (£9.92) (Pinecone Research, Crowdology)

 Clixsense: $8.07

 Swagbucks: $7.77 (£5.00)

 – Gift Hunter Club: $2.00



In total, I made just over $3000 in 2014, with most of it coming from blog commenting and proofreading work.



I don’t really know what 2015 holds for me re: online earning. I’ve spring cleaned – I don’t use any other GPT sites apart from Gift Hunter Club. The Clixsense payment I received in December was mostly from referral earnings. I reached the minimum payout for an Amazon gift card on Swagbucks and no longer use the site. And I have no remaining clients.

Like I said, what I would like is to get a couple more gigs similar to the proofing gig where I can just log on when I want and work when I can. That would really suit me this year. However, I’m not completely ruling out all other opportunities. I can be somewhat transient when it comes to interests – I wanna allow room for that.

I hope you have a faaaaaabulous 2015! In December 2015, I hope you look back and smile.

Miss eb.


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