Online Earnings: May 2011…

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I haven’t done too badly this month. I made just over $400 – $407.66 to be precise – which is a marked improvement on April ($71.58). Three things that really pushed it up were:

a slot games win I had on a bingo site (not likely to happen very often)

doing more tasks on CloudCrowd (steadily doing more work there, but not relying on it)

the freelance writing I’ve gone back to doing (via the celeb blogging gig I got, which is going great! The other one I was on a trial for isn’t looking promising – haven’t heard from them in a while, but that’s OK, you win some you lose some, plus the money really wasn’t that sexy)

My Earnings Breakdown…

(Any figures in brackets means that’s the currency in which I received payment.)

Paddy Power Bingo (slots win) – $177.85 (£110)

CloudCrowd$83.73 (mostly reviewing written content) (more about CloudCrowd)

– Freelance writing – $78.07 (Blog writing – $69.55, Forum posting – $8.52)

– Affiliate marketing – $42.35 (Affiliate Future – $36.35 (£22.20), Lucky Pacific – $6.00)

– Surveys – $22.94 (£14.00) (Pinecone Research – $14.70 (£9.00), Consumer Intel – $8.24 (£5.00))

Swagbucks: $5.00 (paid to search) (more about Swagbucks)

QuickRewards Network: $1.55 (GPT site) (more about QuickRewards)

Appenscribe: $1.07 (transcription)

Total — $412.56

Plans This Month…

I’m gonna concentrate on the paid writing side of things. Really enjoying the celebrity blogging gig. Hope, in time, I get to write more posts than I currently am, but at the mo’ it’s 8 posts a week, but it can be up to 400 words a post which isn’t bad at $0.07/word.

I also put myself forward to write a few pieces for a food blog. Not my intended niche, but I liked the topic so I applied. We’ll see how that goes. That’s also at $0.07/word. I’m hoping I’ll be able to make a more regular contribution towards that blog, but if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. Means it wasn’t meant to be.

I’m happy with the way things are going with the writing in terms of only going for a handful of topics, going for ones I’m interested in and upping my rate. Should have done it sooner, but nothing happens before its time, I guess. Wouldn’t have tried this strategy if I hadn’t dabbled in and packed in freelance writing twice before, so everything happens for a reason.

If you consider yourself to be a fairly good writer, and you’re either not happy with your current rate, or wonder if you could possibly make more, try it. I’m not saying it will always work; there were people I quoted my new rate to that I never heard back from again.

I’m not even saying it’ll work at all, but isn’t the possibility of getting paid more for what you do worth the try? Or rather, aren’t you worth it?

I shall now take off my Oprah wig.

Have an uber delicious June. Lick it guuuuuuuuuuud…



  1. ebele

    Hi Brandon,

    I’ve tried Microworkers before – some time ago. Not entirely my cup of tea. Might revisit it at some point, though.

    Take care and thanks for passing by.

  2. jay

    Hi Ebele
    Glad to see you’re still at it – I just popped by your blog after an absence of about three years…!
    That’s some good income stream you have developed

  3. Taripre$

    Hey, I’m pretty much diggin your blog 🙂 But why fart though…lol?!

    Looks like your May and mine this year we earned about the same. My June ended at around $1100, though this year is much slower than last year, I was averaging over $2k a month around this time in 2010 🙁

    I’m working on some new things now, hopefully I can get back to where I was and more….keep it up and hope you beat your high score as well 🙂


  4. ebele

    Hey Jay 🙂

    Thanks for passing through again.

    I think of all my income streams, writing’s the more reliable/consistent. CloudCrowd can sometimes be unpredictable in terms of what jobs are available and how strong your credibility is to do certain tasks. Slot wins are unpredictable ‘cos, well, it’s gambling and that’s how it’s designed to work. Affiliate marketing isn’t something I wanna really get into, and the rest of my streams are small puddles really.

    I’d like to have one more consistent income stream, but it would have to be something I really enjoy doing.

    Anyway, take care and all the best this month.

  5. ebele

    Hey Taripre$ 🙂

    Why not fart? We all exhale through our asses, don’t we? It’s a name to relate to, one to remember, catchy. 🙂

    Well done on your earnings in June! What avenues did you explore in order to make that?

    Even though you were earning double that this time last year, that’s still a pretty good amount. And who’s to say you won’t be making three, four or whatever times more than that next June…or indeed by the end of the year.

    [p.s.: I hit $1k in June too :-)]

    Take care and all the best this month. Rock it.

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