Online Earnings: June – Best Month So Far…

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June’s been a rather interesting month as my income streams were more diverse.

GetaFreelancer: I got an active referral through the review I wrote about GetaFreelancer and earned $71 in total.

Used Books: I’ve been getting rid of my books on Amazon and Green Metropolis. I sell the odd one now and again, but for some reason I sold more than usual in June netting me £31.70 in total.

Linkworth: I joined linkworth some time ago but had hardly ever earned from it. However, a few months’ ago, I received a request to put a link on one of my dormant blogs. The money for that came through this month. ($27.81)

Surveys: I’ve joined so many survey sites that there are some I don’t even remember joining. Anyway, I won a £2 voucher on one (it’s a site called Gfk WISAD – WISAD means ‘What I Say and Do’). The other survey came from a school of business – they send me surveys every now and again. Can’t even remember or find the URL for that one, but I got £2 for doing a survey with them.

All in all, here’s a rundown of my online earnings for June… (some of these were originally in pounds but I’m showing everything in a dollar currency)

Blog writing (private client) – $288.00
Affiliate earnings (GetaFreelancer) – $71.00
Used books (Amazon, Green Metropolis) – $51.58
Link on blog (Linkworth) – $27.81
Surveys (Pinecone, WISAD, business survey) – $11.54

TOTAL – $449.93

Compared to what I made in May ($72.46), I’m pretty happy with that.

I can’t believe we’re half way through the year already. Strewth.

Whatever y’all plan on doing this month (as long as it’s, erm, legal), have a good one, ya hear?

Over and out,



  1. TriNi - Make Money Online Free

    Wow congrats! You definitely had a great month! 😉

    I earned some extra doing some private online work too! It’s amazing the people you meet and the opportunities you can get once you start earning online!

    I didn’t include it in my earnings though since I tend to keep it strictly to what others can do to make money online as well.. but either way.. congrats to you! 🙂 And thanks for the nice comment and for stopping by my blog. 🙂

    TriNi @ Make Money Online Free

  2. ebele

    Hi Trini,

    Yeah, last month wasn’t bad at all. Thanks!

    Hey, well done on the private work you got.

    Have a great July, you.

    take care…

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