Online Earnings: January 2012…

Aww, you’re no fun :-(. Tut, tut.Yeah, yeah, yeah, I haven’t updated my blog since the 19th century, I know. I’m a bad girl. A very, very bad girl. Spank me. No. Really. I have enough ass space for a million hands.

Moving on…sooo what have I been up to? Work. Life. Chocolate. Work. Work.

I feel I’ve been working more but not making any more money than I did last month. Sigh. I’ve been making more money in one place and less in another and it all balances out to making the same or less. {audience sighs}.

Maybe I haven’t been working more. Maybe it just feels like it.

Anyway, anyway, February ain’t over ’til big mama farts, so we’ll see. I’m expecting a few bits and pieces by the time the month’s out.

Right. January Earnings. Here goes. (oh January? Yoohoooooo.)
(any figures in pounds means it’s how I was initially paid.)

Blog writing: $173.69

Forum posting: $50.03 (, y’all. If you’re interested in forum posting work, go there. Pays 20 cents a post. And they’re looking for more people. I’ve been meaning to write a review about the site for ages. Will do. Promise.)

Blog commenting: $32.15

Jackpotjoy (slots): $16.99 (£11.01)

GPTs: $11.91 (Cashle – $6.31; Swagbucks – $5.00; FreeUKpounds – $0.46 (£0.30); QuickRewards Network – $0.14)

GfK WISAD (survey): $6.25 (£4.00)

Adgitize: $1.00 (site closed down. Got this for some reason.)

TOTAL — $292.02

I was putting myself under pressure to make $500 in January, which (ahem) obviously didn’t pan out. Then I thought I’d do it in February. Weeeell, that’s not looking likely {thunderously deep frown}. So I decided {ping!} I’m gonna do it in increments!:

– if I make $300 in Feb, that’ll be cool.

– Then in March, I veel aim for $400.

– And in April, I veel aim for $500.

Vell, zat iz zee plan.

I’m out – laters, au revoir, bidi bye bye…



  1. itin

    Hi big momma. Avatarlady here. I changed my blog and name. Just curious how many posts and days did it take you to reach 50USD in forum posting, and why would they pay you for such small task.

  2. ebele

    Heeeey, avatarlady 🙂

    How are you?

    How many posts? At 20 cents a post, it works out at 250 posts. You can request a cash out whenever you want, but I chose to wait til I’d reached $50.

    How many days? Over a period of time. Each set of posts you accept have to be drip fed — so some have to be completed over a week, and others over a month. The $50 was earned over a 4-week period (roughly).

    Why would they pay me for such a ‘small task’? Why not? Like you mentioned, it’s a ‘task’, right?

    Take care, lady 🙂


  3. itin

    Thanks for the reply. BTW, You might want to put an email subscriber box on your blog. That makes it easy for anyone to follow your blog.

  4. ebele

    Hello, again 🙂

    Hope you’re having a good weekend, lady 🙂

    I have a Feedburner subscribe button on my blog. Is it the same thing?

    Take care…


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