Online Earnings: February-May 2012…

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Haven’t done an update on my online earnings in a good while. I thought it was 3 months’ worth, but it’s actually 4 months. My last earning update was for January. Anyhoo, here goes:

(any figures in pounds means it’s how I was initially paid.)

February Earnings: $323.19…

– Blogging (private clients): $148.32

– Forum posting: $44.87

– Playing slots: $44.36 (£28.06)

– Blog commenting: $43.08 (priv client: $39.16; Fiverr: $3.92)

– GPTs (get-paid-to’s): $37.80 (TreasureTrooper – $23.01; Clixsense – $9.79; Swagbucks – $5.00)

– Pinecone Research (UK): $4.73 (£3.00)

CloudCrowd: $0.03 (Cloudcrowd & I have parted ways in the tasks dept, but I’m still earning from referrals.)


 – I play slots online. Not as much as I used to, which is a good thing. On average, I spend £10 a week. Sometimes, I make a profit. The £28.06 you see is pure profit after I’ve subtracted deposits made.

 – Fiverr’s a site where you sell a service for $5.00. Mine’s blog commenting. You don’t get the whole $5 as Fiverr takes a $1 fee and Paypal takes a cut too, so you end up with $3.92. But if you can come up with a service that doesn’t take you long to do, it can be worth your time.

 – First time I’ve cashed out on TreasureTrooper. I’ve been a member there for a couple of years, but never really had that much interest in completing their offers/surveys. I had some money sitting there, but not enough to cash out. I kinda left it at that. However, when TT introduced tasks some months ago, I started doing those & reached payout. Now I have, I don’t think I’ll be going back. Just wanted to say to myself that I’ve cashed out there. TT works for some people, but I find their pay threshold too high for my patience ($20). I can also do the same tasks on other GPTs I’m with (Cashle, Swagbucks and most recently Clixsense), so there really is no need for me to stick with TT.

– Pinecone Research has a UK & US version. Invites are unpredictable so just keep your eyes open for them if you want to join. In the meantime, read my review about Pinecone Research UK. I don’t expect it’s that much different from the US one.

 – You can read my reviews about Swagbucks, Cashle and CloudCrowd. I haven’t written a review about Clixsense yet. Is overdue. Not sure if I’ll be writing one about TreasureTrooper. We’ll see.

March Earnings: $295.14…

– Advertising: $115.62 (Yup! Someone bought advertising on a few of my blogs!)

– Blogging (priv. clients): $58.13

– Blog commenting: $51.40 (priv client: $39.64; Fiverr: $11.76)

– Playing slots: $36.55 (£23.04)

– Forum posting: $27.27

– GPTs (get-paid-to’s): $5.14 (Swagbucks – $5.00; QuickRewards Network – $0.14)

Squidoo: $1.03


 – You can read my review about QuickRewards Network if you’re interested in learning more about it.

 – Squidoo‘s a place where you can create single pages of information about most things. Each single page is called a lens. I only have one lens there for now, but it’s earning me a little something.)

April Earnings: $73.20…

– Survey: $28.74 (Consumer Intelligence – $19.16 (£12.00); Pinecone Research (UK) – $9.58 (£6.00))

– Blogging (priv client): $26.04

– Forum posting: $14.50

– Blog commenting: $3.92 (Fiverr)


– Consumer Intelligence is UK residents only.

– I didn’t do too great in April, partly because I came into some money offline, so I cut back on online activities.

May Earnings: $254.79…

– Playing slots: $121.21 (£75.03)

– Blog Commenting: $88.31 (priv. client – $80.47; Fiverr – $7.84))

– Blogging: $26.04

– Clixsense (paid-to-click): $8.57

– GPT: $6.30 (Swagbucks – $5.00; Cashle – $1.07; FreeUKpounds – $0.23 (£0.15))

– Survey: $4.15 (£2.65) (Opinion Outpost UK)

–  CloudCrowd$0.21 (earnings from referrals)


– playing slots – I got lucky. It’s not the norm.

–  Clixsense is not just a paid-to-click site anymore. In addition to clicking ads, you can now complete tasks, offers & surveys. I only stick to ad clicks & tasks though. Minimum cashout has also been decreased for all members – it’s now $8.00 for standard members and $6.00 for premium members. So, more ways to earn + lower min cashouts means reaching cashout’s a lot quicker. Last year, I would have been lucky to cash out once or twice, but this year I’ve already cashed out twice (actually, three times – I’ve cashed out in June).

– FreeUKpounds isn’t that great a GPT site to start with, and I think they’ve finally realised this because they’ve put the site on hold for some time while they work on improving it. Good move.

Phew, right, I’m done here.




  1. Eric Wilson

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  2. ebele

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for passing through and leaving a comment. However, it comes across somewhat promotional in nature to me. Hence why I removed your link.

    My contact email is on the left, which perhaps would have been a better way.

    Most of the time, I write about things that I’ve actually used or made money from or that comes from a very trusted source.

    If you would like to promote your site here, I’d be happy to write a review – will entail joining and having a look around. However, do bear in mind that I tell it like I see it. I will also charge.

    (p.s.: I would have replied to you via email but I don’t see an email address on your site or a contact form.)

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