Online Earnings: August 2012…

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I’m gonna get straight to it. I made $256.50. Not great, but it’s better than the $256.49 I could have made – hehe!

Update – 12th Sept: I just realised I actually made more than I thought. I checked one of my Gmail accounts today (that I hardly check) and noticed Google Adsense had paid me £12.60. It was a one-off payment. I don’t know why they chose to do that (the minimum payout’s £60), but I’m certainly not complaining. 🙂

I saw the £12.60 in my bank account last month but didn’t know who it was from – didn’t have Google Adsense on it. But it’s from them ‘cos the figures tally up.

So last month I actually made $276.76, not $256.50!

Earnings breakdown:
(any figures in pounds means it’s how I was initially paid.)

– Writing (priv clients): $86.66 (review writing: $57.06; blogging: $29.60)

– Blog commenting: $76.32 (fiverr: $39.20; priv client: $37.12)

– Forum posting: $55.94 ( $47.52; fiverr: $3.92) {read my review}

– Playing slots: $31.33 (£20.00)

– Google Adsense: $20.26 (£12.60)

Pinecone Research (survey): $4.70 (£3.00) {read my Pinecone Research review}

Cloudcrowd: $1.55 (earnings from completed tasks and referrals) {read my CloudCrowd review}

I ain’t playing this month. Grr.
I’ve set a target for September. And I must reach it. No flaffing about this month (is that a word? flaffing? Whatever – it encapsulates what I’m trying to say. Ahem.)

How much do I want to (and will) make this month? Will let y’all know in my next post.

Miss Eb.


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